Easy Self Serve Breakfast Bar for Back to School

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Disclosure: “This post has been sponsored by General Mills, however all opinions expressed are my own.”

Sometimes getting “Back to School” after winter and Christmas break can be tiring. To help out moms and dads (and kiddos), try this Easy Self Serve Breakfast Bar for Back to School!

With the new General Mills cereals available at #Walmart, the kids will be excited to grab their breakfast and go. So check out the #NewYearNewCereal now and see below for a special offer.

General Mills Cereals have been long time favorites around our house.  Of course the kids are always ready to try any new variety, too.

So I am excited to see the all new General Mills cereal varieties: Cinnamon Toast Blasted Shreds, Banana Nut Cheerios, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheerios, and Lucky Charms Frosted Flakes.

I didn't have to convince the kids to try the Cinnamon Toast Blasted Shreds!  Whether you have little ones in the toddler or preschool stage, or older ones who can really go through that cereal, the new varieties are great for multiple ages.

Right now we can get a nice Back to School offer for the new General Mills Cereals.   Just click here for yours.

For a quick and easy breakfast, I had the idea of preparing cereal in various size mason jars to have in the pantry, ready to go.  This would be ideal for school age kids who can easily open the jars.

For the younger kids, you can always use see through plastic containers with lids.

For less sweet cereals like the Cinnamon Toast Blasted Shreds or the Banana Nut Cheerios, you could even add a spoonful of brown sugar or some yummy dried fruit for an extra treat.

We enjoyed marshmallows and blueberries on ours but each person can make it their own!

I like the idea of using mason jars for a Breakfast Bar for older kids, since my kids can just pour the milk right in, no dishes required.

For the younger crowd, or as an idea for a healthy breakfast at home, offer a variety of healthy additions in silicone baking cups or in a small tray. See what we did for breakfast for these three kiddos in my video below.

I hope you can use some of these Breakfast Bar ideas at home.  Be sure to share your own Breakfast Bar photos!

Additional Disclosure: “This post has been sponsored by General Mills, however all opinions expressed are my own.”

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