Find Weight Watchers Products Easily at Walmart!

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Disclosure: “This post was sponsored by Weight Watchers International, Inc. as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.”

You Can Find Weight Watchers Products Easily at Walmart!

I am excited to share my thoughts on Weight Watchers® products, which are available at Walmart and easy to find!  If you're looking for snacks which are portion controlled and don't want to feel guilty about, then this post is for you!

Popcorn is my favorite snack. We enjoy movies at home, especially when I am watching one of my favorite movies. 🙂 So of course I end up snacking on popcorn, which can be so bad for you if you overdo it.  I love that popcorn is part of the Weight Watchers Program, and I can enjoy it as a snack without feeling guilty.

The Jolly Time Healthy Pop 100's are right there on the snack aisle at Walmart, so it's something I can just add to my regular grocery list.  No worrying about looking for hard to find specialty foods.   I think being able to conveniently find healthy food is so important when it comes to eating healthy.  If I have to put a lot of time into finding healthy foods, it's harder to maintain in the long run.

We try to cook at home, eat at home and use organic ingredients when possible.  If you can find the healthy foods you need quickly and easily, it makes healthy living that much more doable!

One great thing about the Weight Watchers endorsed snacks and foods at Walmart is the Freestyle™ program with zero Points® foods.  You can easily spot the foods that are low in SmartPoints.  And, they have Weight Watchers® products like these Ice Cream Candy Bars, which add even more options.

So whether you are starting the Weight Watchers program or wanting to switch out your regular snacks for healthier options, you can find all these at Walmart.

Here's a little more about what I purchased:

Oroweat® Sandwich Thins rolls endorsed by Weight Watchers:

These Sandwich Thins are what I chose for this post for several reasons. For one, they are so quick and easy to grab for a sandwich on busy work days.  Convienence food doesn't have to be unhealthy!  I don't feel like I should really skip the bread on my sandwich with these Sandwich Thins.

They taste great and for Weight Watchers fans, they have only 3 SmartPoints value per roll. They are just 100 calories per roll but are a great source of fiber.

Weight Watchers Peanut Butter Caramel Ice Cream Candy Bars:

Sometimes you just need something to hit the spot when you have sugar cravings.  For me, these Ice Cream bars are perfect, since I can get my dessert craving satisfied and still keep my portion size under control.

These are individually wrapped, all under 100 calories, and offer 2-4 SmartPoints value per serving.

JOLLY TIME® Healthy Pop® Popcorn:

In our home, we love our movie nights in. For that reason I had to add the JOLLY TIME Healthy Pop Popcorn to my review list.

These are not only endorsed by Weight Watchers but they are also Non-GMO and gluten free. This is important to me! Each pack (pictured above) comes in at 100 calories, so that's a nice thing for us who need portion control– who doesn't if you're watching an awesome movie!

If you have experiences with Weight Watchers or want to share about snacks you've tried, be sure to comment and join the discussion!

Happy Shopping!

Additional Disclosure: “This post was sponsored by Weight Watchers® International, Inc., as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. However all opinions expressed are my own.”

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