Get Inspired this Summer with Unilever’s Project Sunlight

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Summer is finally here! I've been working on getting things organized to keep my children busy and active during their months off of school. Every week I want to do a craft with them and visit a new place. I think it's important to get them out in nature and have fun. My girls also love crafting time and creating things with their hands. They have such an imagination and bright ideas.


The other day I saw this inspiring short video, “The Way Kids See It.” It's part of the Project Sunlight from Unilever. This short film is from a child's point of view. It shows how little ideas can make big changes.

YouTube video

I watched it with my children, a few times actually.  I asked them what ideas they had. Oh how I love how little minds work! Some of their ideas where to create a toy exchange. Over the holidays we always buy toys for those who might not get any. They love doing this because they know the excitement of receiving new toys, but the luster and excitement fades. Their idea is to be able to have a community toy exchange. No one would be denied and you get bring in toys you don't play with instead of throwing them away.

I think it sounds like a fabulous idea and it's only one of many that they come up with.

We went to the Project Sunlight website and picked a project. Together we are going to reuse empty bottles and make them into something new and useful! I can't wait to show the results!unilever bottle

Set a goal and choose a project. Simple changes can make a big difference. Please share your thoughts on the video and what projects you are doing this summer!

“While this post is part of a sponsored campaign by Unilever Project Sunlight,

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