New: Poise Overnight Pads for Worry-Free Protection

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Disclosure: “This post was sponsored by Poise, and I have been compensated for this post. However all opinions are my own. See below for additional disclosure“For women who experience bladder leakage at night, finding a product which will limit your worries may be difficult. If you haven't tried Poise Overnight Pads, this post is for you!  Most of us women know that feminine hygiene products and feminine bladder leakage products are not the same thing!If you're a women with nighttime bladder leakage who does prefer a pad but still needs a lot of absorbency and protection, Poise Overnights Pads are a great new option.
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We all know nighttime bladder leakage can be the enemy of a restful night's sleep.  Whether you're getting up for bathroom trips or just worried about protection from accidents, it's no fun to lose precious sleep!  I for one will be up for the night if I've been up to the bathroom too many times and am repeatedly waking up.It can be very frustrating!And for a lot of us, I know it's sometimes more preferable to use pads rather than other products on the market.  If you're on the younger side and experiencing nighttime bladder leakage, this may be a concern for you. You may be used to feminine hygiene pads but are nervous to venture into “bladder leakage” products.  If this is you, don't feel alone!For whatever the reason, if you do have bladder leakage this is a great product available to provide protection while also looking discreet under clothing.  Don't settle for products which may work OK.   Poise Overnight Pads are made for this purpose.

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I love the fact that Poise Overnight Pads are thin, while offering a wider back. The new pads also provide more absorbency than some of their other products, for women who are looking for more protection from accidents.   Other features include their Leak-block sides and Absorb-loc core, to help prevent wetness and odor overnight.

If you're interested in trying Poise Overnight Pads, you can find them at Walmart and online at!  #worryfreenightswmt

Disclosure: “This post was sponsored by Poise, and I have been compensated for this post. However all opinions are my own.”


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