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Piston Peak National Park Tour

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Piston Peak


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Disclosure: this post was sponsored by Disney and my travel was paid for this trip.

This will be the conclusion of my Planes Fire and Rescue posts. The trip was amazing and I hope you have enjoyed all of the behind the scenes content. Today I am going to talk to you about my interview with Toby Wilson one of the art directors of the movie who worked on the Piston Peak National Park scenes.  As I said before, when Disney makes a movie, they go all out. They pay attention to details, facts and they love putting in some history. Toby wilson sat down with us and talked about his vision for Piston Peak National Park and how it came to be in the movie. Toby told us that he loved camping as a child and that he and his family spent lots of time traveling to different national parks around the country. So you might say that his research started pretty early lol.

Toby wilson

Toby and his crew got a chance to travel to both Yellowstone and Yosemite National Parks to do some research. They interviewed park rangers, hotel owners and took lots and lots of photographs. Many of the places and characters in Planes Fire and Rescue were inspired by both of these parks. For example, the Grand Fusel Lodge was inspired by Yellowstone's Old Faithfull Inn. Toby and his crew  scoured the entire hotel looking for details, even the crows nest above the hotel. They even added the sprinkler system on top of the roof where pretty much noone has ever been allowed to visit.

anchor lake

I am going to tell you, when you watch this movie, pay attention to the hidden details. I love how they added cutouts of trains and planes into the sides of the mountains. I almost missed them the first time I watched it.

Planes Fire and Rescue is now showing in a theater near you.

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