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Score Cheap Flights with CheapOair

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Disclosure: This post was sponsored by CheapOair, however any opinions expressed are my own.

CheapOAir Cheap Flights may change how you book your flights! See more below.

Cheap Flights with Cheap O Air

What is CheapOair?

If you haven't heard before now, I am excited to spread the word on CheapOair. They are an online travel agency, based in New York city and doing business worldwide.

CheapOair is dedicated to air.  Basically instead of helping you find deals on air, car, hotel and excursions together, CheapOair is “flight focused”.   

How is this different from other big name travel websites and agencies, you may ask? 

CheapOair teams spend their time helping customers with their flights only, and on the website you may be able to find some nice deals with their features.  Sign up for a free membership for special deals sent to your inbox!


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CheapOair Cheap Flights Website and Features:

  • Fusion Fares technology: You can search a flight itinerary with not only a single airline, but also itineraries that feature multiple airlines. This can help you find a much lower cost per ticket! Sometimes you may be OK switching airlines if your final cost is going to be much lower!
  • Fare Predictor:  Sign up for notifications on fluctuations in pricing on you itinerary and chosen dates.  
  • Travel Specialists: Instead of using solely the online deals, CheapOair encourages you to pick up the phone and let one of their travel specialists aid you in your search.
  • Phone Only Deals: You can possibly snag unadvertised deals when you contact CheapOair by phone!

How I've Used CheapOair for Travel:

As my readers know, I am an avid traveler and love to explore new places! As we cover most of the area near our state, that leaves the question: do we fly or drive??

Well, sometimes flying is just not an option because of the cost. So if I can find a “cheap” airline ticket, it's a huge win!

I was able to find Flights for two from OKC to Dallas for just $174 per ticket, taxes included, for December 19-28th. Since this is the week of Christmas, I know these flights will go up in price pretty soon!

I was impressed to find the tickets under $200, and of course CheapOair offers Phone Only deals which may even beat that price. The website also has a ticker that counts down how long you potentially have this price offered for, since rates fluctuate so quickly.

It's easy to use the CheapOair website to get a general idea of rates, before you call.

First, just plug in your destination and which city or airport you're flying. Add the dates and CheapOair will calculate the best price. It offers you options that include the Cheapest Flight, the Shortest Flight, Alternate Dates, and Nearby Airports.  then, If you're interested in booking, go ahead and make that phone call to see if CheapOair can offer you a phone-only price!

As we get into the holiday travel season I know I will be checking out more don't-miss deals on CheapOair, both for myself and to share with readers! 

See more from CheapOair here!


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  1. I love finding cheap flights. You want to spend your money during vacation not spend it getting there! Thank you for sharing this info! I will use them next time I’m flying!

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