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5 Tips for Looking Younger with L’eggs®

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We all love beauty tips, and Tips for Looking Younger are always important! See them here!

Leggs Pantyhose Looking Younger Tips

5 Tips for Looking Younger with L'eggs®

Growing up, hosiery was worn any time we dressed up. My mom and grandmother always wore them to smooth out imperfections and keep the wind off their skin! 

I’ve learned from my grandma that looking Your best is important that’s why I’ve chosen to hold her tips near and dear to me including wearing L'eggs pantyhose to hide all my little imperfections.

L’eggs, Hanes Brands’ iconic hosiery, is now launching an exclusive line and bringing its hosiery products to Dollar General.

We love Dollar General and the Digital Coupons which are so easy to use!

Scroll down to see the L'eggs products available, and get an exclusive ibotta rebate!

Leggs Panty Hose

L'eggs® Products Available at Dollar General

No matter what your age, you can find the right L'eggs product for you at Dollar General.

I've included a quick list to help you find the L'eggs product you're looking for, if you aren't already familiar with what they offer!

  • L'eggsFoot Covers-The college age girls love these. They provide a cushion and a thin cover for your foot for when you wear ballet flats and slip-ons. Since they always seem to be wearing their canvas shoes and flats, the foot covers are easy to throw on and wear. We like these for cooler weather.
  • L'eggs Trouser Socks – I talk a little more about these further down in this post, but these have been a favorite of mine since they come in so many colors and patterns. They are a little thicker than traditional pantyhose, so I prefer them with slacks.
  • L'eggs Sheer Energy®– These are some of my favorites. They have a silky feel and honestly if you haven't tried them, you're missing out! They come in full length and several shades, so they are perfect for shorter dresses. Where we live, we have strong winds any time of year, so pantyhose protect against some of that drying wind directly on your skin!
  • L'eggs Knee Highs These are some of the most budget friendly hosiery products you can find. At Dollar General, look for the three-pack to have some on hand for when you need them. The Knee High hose are ideal for maxi skirts and thicker slacks.
  • L'eggs Ultra Sheer If you worry about the toe showing with certain shoes, these pantyhose are for you. They are sheer to toe and have an all over sheer look so your natural skin can show through.
  • L'eggs Day Sheer These feature a control top, so you can wear these to work and then on to afternoon plans without worrying about how the top is looking. I love the sheer toe, which these also have.
Leggs Pantyhose

More Beauty Tips:

  • MOISTURIZE YOUR SKIN – so important during this time of year!
  • ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING: Take some time each day to laugh or at least totally relax your face and smile, even if you don't feel like it at first!
  • LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE : CHOOSE how you want to feel. She also says you can think yourself OLD. She says age is nothing but a number and doesn't define who you are.
  • HELPFUL HIDEAWAYS – Products like L'eggs® offer a little help with control top pantyhose, silky textures and more, to feel more confident!
Laughter is the best medicine.

There is nothing wrong with getting a little help with staying beautiful.

Grandma loves Sheer Energy® pantyhose by Leggs®, since you can't even tell she has them on, yet they are perfect for hiding imperfections like veins. Oh, and at 79 she still wears high heels. That's a goal of mine, for sure!

L'eggs® at Any Age

Melissa Garcia Consumer Queen

I love that L'eggs pantyhose are easy to find in the store, and come in so many shades. For myself, I prefer the trouser socks and knee-length hoisery. They fit in the budget and are right there on the shelf at Dollar General so I don't have to make a special trip to the department store for them.

Being able to pick up a pair of L'eggs pantyhose from Dollar General is great when I am in a hurry and need something to go with a pair of dress shoes for an event!

During the fall and winter, L'eggs hose also take the edge off the cold wind, especially for knee length skirts.

The Trouser Socks are my go-to for slacks with dress shoes or booties that are more snug, or don't work well with socks.

Leggs Pantyhose

ibotta Rebate!

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Happy Shopping! 

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