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If you are a mom, you know that there is a wealth of advice out there on baby feeding time! What you may have heard, or learned on your own is that Walgreens offers Well Beginnings, a great line of quality infant formula!

I remember as a new mom I learned through experience but also was open to advice from family, friends, and of course those expert resources.  If you're a first or second time mom these days, you have tons of information at your fingertips with the internet.  So, even if you're short on time with several little ones around, I am glad to share some thoughts on infant feeding, and some great info on the Walgreen's Well Beginnings brand of formula.

When moms get together and discuss infant care and feeding, you know lots of advice will be shared!  When my kids were new babies, I loved listening in and collecting tips and advice from mothers who had done it all before and who's children were already older, or grown.  So much wisdom there!

Feeding advice itself varies person to person, I've learned through the years.  One thing that stands out among a lot of moms, however, is the need to save money where you can.

For many of us, that involves making meals from scratch, being a savvy consumer, and looking for brands which will save money in the long run.  For infant formulas, this was a huge priority for me.  While you need the best product for your baby, you also need one that fits into the budget long term.  From personal experience I know the Well Beginnings brand is economical as well as good quality.  I also appreciated those coupons at the register that print out when you purchase items at Walgreens.

With #WellWisdomWG you can share your tips and advice, so feel free to comment on this post! What Well Wisdom can you share to get the conversation started for new moms? I remember the biggest thing for me was knowing how much formula baby needed and when, as they start eating solids.  I found the handouts at our pediatrician's office helpful to know how much foods vs. formula my baby needed.  Of course after the first baby, personal experience helps too!

Finally, if you have bonding tips to share, lets hear them!  Walgreens and Well Beginnings want to encourage parent and infant bonding time, which we all know is great for baby! For me, feeding time with the baby especially early on is the best time to bond.  Removal of distractions like TV noise and phone/computers helped make feeding time peaceful.

If you're a second time mom (or beyond!) you can always include the older siblings and allow siblings bond too. I know my babies loved it when it was time to eat! Mealtime can be social and fun with older siblings around.

Thanks for reading, and feel free to join the conversation on feeding and bonding tips, if you would like!

Additional Disclosure: “Sponsored post by Mirum Shopper.  All opinions are my own.”

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