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We’ve all been relying on Zoom calls and similar video-call solutions during the pandemic. Video chats have been a game-changer for businesses and families that have been forced to cope without physical interactions for an extended period. Keeping in touch with the most vulnerable members of your community safely is something we can all do online. Similarly, companies have also found that their teams remained just as productive and creative from home. In short, Zoom and similar solutions have become an everyday tool. لعب بوكر  

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There’s only one problem with it. We now spend a lot of time staring at our faces on the screen. Urgh, did I always have so many lines around my eyes? Eww, is that what my complexion looks like in the morning? Our face-to-face with ourselves is taking its toll on our self-esteem. It’s human nature to spot our flaws. But the pandemic has also contributed to skin complaints. Indeed, individuals who have chosen to self-isolate could be struggling with vitamin D deficiency. As vitamin D prevents skin aging, it’s fair to say that its absence can make fine lines more visible.

Additionally, stress and the increased reliance on comfort food have affected our skin health. Stress is known for facilitating premature aging at a cellular level. Junk food, on the other hand, can cause acne, dull complexion, and inflammation. 

All things considered, it’s time for a wake-up call. How can we take back control of our appearance and look significantly better for the next Zoom call meeting? The easy solution would be to use a filter. But, the filter doesn’t have any lasting or real results. So, here are some ideas to help you fall back in love with the reflection in the mirror and undo some of the pandemic damage. 

Zoom Call selfie light

#1. Invest in a selfie light

Lighting can completely transform your appearance. The harsh white light in the home office could make you look pale on camera. It removes all warmth from your natural skin color, which can make those early Zoom calls feel even more dreadful when you appear like a ghost. Additionally, sharp lighting will also make you look tired depending on its angle.

Yet, turning the light off isn’t an option. Poor lighting will inevitably add a weary shadow to your face. It increases eye rings and can even make your eyes appear sunken. Fine lines that are typically invisible stand out in a dark environment when they’re picked up with the webcam. The quickest and most effective solution is to invest in a high-quality selfie lamp. A selfie lamp is a ring-shaped light that can be placed on the side to highlight your face naturally. You can place the light behind the laptop, or at the side of your desk for best effect. 

8 hours sleep

#2. Schedule 8 hours of sleep

It’s called beauty sleep for a reason. The body needs typically between 7 and 9 quality hours to rest every night. Indeed, sleep deprivation doesn’t only affect your concentration and energy. It also interferes with the ability to restore and regenerate at a cellular level. Your skin produces collagen when you sleep, which prevents skin sagging and wrinkles. According to dermatologists, getting 5 hours per night will cause twice as many fine lines as getting 7 or 8 hours.

Puffy eyes are the first thing people notice when they are sleep-deprived. They can show up during those Zoom calls. A couple of hours in bed can make a huge difference and ensure you wake up bright-eyed. But wrinkles, sagginess, and drooped expressions are also more prominent when you don’t get sufficient sleep. When you are tired, the corners of your mouth tend to droop slightly, which makes your facial expressions appear tired and older. The drooping is constant through sleep deprivation. While it may not be something you can spot easily (it is subtle), it does transform your appearance significantly. 

#3. Don’t shy away from cosmetic interventions

Can you heal your skin naturally? It’s important to understand that some things can’t be fixed with serums, more sleep, or a better diet. The collagen production, for instance, naturally reduces over time. You can help stimulate the production process and preserve it. Some products can also increase and rebuild the process. However, degradation is a natural phenomenon. Therefore, you can experience sagging and loss of elasticity. When your body cannot replenish enough of its lost collagen, you can consider professional cosmetic interventions instead.

Some of the top plastic surgery clinic organizations have recorded a surge in demand during the pandemic, as people are looking to reverse some of the most significant damages through a facelift. A facelift can help redefine chin contours, which is one of the first areas to show signs of sagging, for instance. العب بلاك جاك It can also fill sunken areas, such as under the eyes, which can’t be fixed through beauty products only. Cosmetic Surgery can be somewhat of a sore subject for some that have but you do not need to feel embarrassed, check out this article of celebrity moms with cosmetic surgery that have openly admitted to it, showing that it does not have to be a taboo subject.

healthy food

#4. Get more goodness from your diet

Your diet can make a huge difference to skin health. We all appreciate how harmful junk food can be to the skin. High fat and sugar levels can lead to inflammation and acne outbreaks. An unhealthy diet can also break down collagen production, which causes sagging and wrinkles. But, when it comes to creating a diet that promotes skin health, there are many challenges you need to tackle. First of all, store-bought vegetables and fruits could be damaging to your skin if they have been exposed to pesticides and chemical products. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure you can trust the origin of your fresh ingredients.

More often than not, growing your own vegetables can be a game-changer. It allows you to nourish your skin with naturally grown produce that contains all the vitamins you need. Imported vegetables and fruits tend to be frozen for transport, which can lead to nutritious loss. Buying and eating local is not only good for the environment, but it also preserves your skin. 

#5. Step away from the desk

Before doing your next Zoom call.Take a step back from the desk during the day. You need to recharge your mental and emotional batteries when you work all day in front of the skin. Your eyes need regular breaks from the harmful screen light. Otherwise, they tend to get dry, which will cause itchiness. مراهنات Unfortunately, most people rub their eyes when they’re dry or itchy, leading to redness and irritation around the eyes. 

Additionally, prolonged attention can create muscular tensions and stress. As a rule of thumb, you should take a short break every 2 hours. You need to relax throughout the day. Exposure to prolonged stress can change skin health at a cellular level and create more expression lines. 

#6. Consider shedding a few pounds

Nobody enjoys talking about weight management. However, there is no denying that weight gain can change your face. If you have used comfort food as a coping mechanism during the pandemic, you’ve probably put on some weight. You’d be surprised to know how much difference it can make to your face. Additionally, weight can create a sagging chin area, which adds years to your face.

As a rule of thumb, a slim face will instantly appear younger on camera. Unfortunately, as you can’t target specific areas, it can be a long but rewarding process. You can also achieve positive results by switching your diet to avoid potentially inflammatory foods that can cause minor swelling and loss of firmness. 

#7. Do face yoga

When we think about anti-aging strategies, we tend to focus on skincare products. However, your skin is attached to a series of muscles, which can be toned and exercised to improve your facial appearance. Face yoga is effective, as long as you are committed to make it a routine.

You can’t expect to see results after one session. It’s important to understand that an old appearance is typically caused by the combination of loss of skin elasticity and muscle loss. Consequently, a yoga routine can help you tackle those facial muscles. Ideally, you want to practice every single day for at least 30 minutes to see long-lasting results. 


#8. Start a new fitness routine

Exercising can virtually turn back the clock. Indeed, a fitness routine can improve cell health and slow down the aging process. It contributes to the preservation of collagen production and improves skin elasticity and firmness. Additionally, the process encourages flushing out toxins, which is where the body can eliminate a lot of potential inflammation and dull complexion risks. 

#9. Is your makeup style working for you?

Knowing how to apply blush and create contours can make a great deal of difference. It’s fair to say that not all makeup styles work on everyone. Therefore, it’s worth experimenting or reaching out to a professional to learn more about the best approach for you.  Check out some of favorite health products.

#10. Give your hair some love

Overgrown hair or damaged hair will make you look older than you are. Healthy hair, regardless of its colors, can rejuvenate your appearance. Sometimes, it doesn’t take much more than investing in quality hair treatment to achieve best results. A fresh and stylish haircut will also take years off your face. 

Are you ready to rock out the next Zoom call? A youthful appearance is not something that is defined by your age. It’s got to do with your skincare regime. Knowing how to prevent damage and how to tackle issues can help turn you into a confident and youthful Zoom artist. 

Skincare Routine

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