How Has Technology Revolutionised the Hair Transplant Procedure

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As technological advancements continue to be made, the hair transplant procedure is becoming far more streamlined. It is able to provide customers with a reliable service delivering outstanding results. But how exactly has it changed the industry for the better? In this article, we will be looking into exactly how technology has changed the procedure over the years.

Hair Transplant Technology

Advancement in Hair Transplant Procedures 

Technology has revolutionised the process of hair transplants over the years. One of the main benefits is the development of brand-new procedures. From FUE to FUT and then the development of the DHI hair transplant, there have been many changes to the hair transplant UK clinics and what they can offer you. With DHI ensuring very minimal scarring as well as natural-looking results, technology has allowed steady development of less invasive transplantation procedures. 


Reducing the Time of The Hair Transplant Procedure

In addition to advancing the way that the procedure is conducted, technological advancements have also been made to reduce the time it takes to perform the surgery. With a number of grafts being taken at once as well as numbing creams and other advancements made, technology has helped the procedure to be completed within the day. Though the time frame does still depend on the number of grafts that the patient requires, technology has helped to improve the process. This ensure amazing results that are beneficial to the physicians as well as the customers. 

Hair Transplant

Revolutionizing Graft Placement 

With the invention of technology such as the Choi implanter pen and computer software, there have been a number of advancements made that have revolutionised transplant placement. Not only is there the placement of the graft for a natural result, but it is the survival of the graft before it is implanted that is crucial. Though the Choi pen has helped dramatically improve this, there are still several elements to consider helping ensure that there is no graft wasted during the process. This is key to the success and cost-effectiveness of each procedure that is conducted by a physician. 

Reducing the Cost of Procedures

The final benefit of technological advancements is the reduction in the cost of each procedure. Due to it taking significantly less time to conduct a number of procedures, the cost is reduced for both the customer and the physicians. Though this is dependant on the technology that is being used. The faster technology that is more efficient should help to reduce the cost over time. 

Whether this is a direct implanter pen or another piece of equipment in development for FUE and FUT hair transplant options. This is all set to streamline the process and provide outstanding results at an affordable cost for the client.  

Whether you have had a hair transplant yourself, or you are looking to have one in the near future. There is no denying that technological advancements have helped to revolutionise the process as a whole and provide a cheaper cost for patients. 

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