The Great Dyson DC35

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Ok guys, time for a quiz.  How often do you clean under the couch?  The blinds? Under the entertainment center?  Window seals?  Would you clean these places more often if you didn't have to get out something different to clean each of these places?  Think of all the dust bunnies you could kick out of your house!  The Dyson DC35 Digital Slim can do all these things and more!

Here's the contest.  Take out your regular vacuum and see how long it takes you to clean all those places.  That means moving the couch too!  Now imagine how much time you could save by using the Dyson Digital Slim and not having to move couch or trying to find attachments that are long enough to reach those high places!  Not only will you save time but your back will thank you also.

Now take all that extra time you saved and kick your feet up and relax!

Disclosure: My wife is part of the Walmart Mom program and she was comensated for this post. As always the thoughts and opinions are our own.


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