5 Reasons to Visit Irving Texas

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5 Reasons To Visit Irving Texas

Living in Oklahoma all my life, traveling down to Texas has always been a go to when we need to just get away. We always stay around the Dallas area because there is just so much to do around there. The one place I had never stayed was Irving. I'm glad I am finally getting a chance to visit Irving Texas!


1st I want to think Toyota for providing me a 2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD for the trip! I was definitely riding in style and turned a few heads while I was driving through town! I'm actually looking for a new vehicle and when I get ready to buy one, it probably a Toyota Tacoma TRD!

Tacoma Truck

It's off road capabilities are amazing! The TRD places an inlet high above Tacoma's windshield. It draws cool fresh air from high above the dust-line, helping  prevent excess dirt from getting into the engine. It comes with crawl control  and has a 3.5 – liter V6 direct-injection engine.  This truck is not just fun to take off roading but it's sleek makes it great for every day driving. I didn't want to give it back!

Irving Horses

The Dallas Marriott Las Colinas was the host for our guys weekend and let me tell you… this place is nice. You feel welcome from the moment you walk in, to the moment you leave. The staff treated us like family. The kind of family that you like!

Hotel Las Colinas

Dallas Marriott Las Colinas sits on Lake Carolyn so the view my balcony was AMAZING! Plus with it being less than 10 miles from both major Dallas airports it's super easy to get to and from if you or anyone in your group is flying in! 

The Ranch

The one thing I can assure you of, is that you will not have to look hard to find a place to eat. If you want that steakhouse feel you should check out The Ranch in Irving.

The Ranch Onion rings

The Ranch in Irving has a great atmosphere and some amazing food! The Chef's “Favorite 4” is a great way to start off your meal! I would have had a pic of my steak but it looked so good that I forgot to take one! They also have live music so be sure to check out their schedule for times!

Po Melvins Black Eyed peas

One of my favorite places we ate at was Po Melvin's. They serve down home Louisiana cooking. I wish I could tell you what my favorite thing was but it was all so amazing! Just make sure you get the black-eyed peas. I love me some black-eyed peas and these may have been the best I've ever had!

Po melvins bread pudding

We finished out in meal in style with some bread pudding. I'm not a big bread pudding because I've never had THIS bread pudding before! I ate the whole thing and was going to ask for seconds if we would have had more time!

Salad Bar

Boi Na Braza was the perfect choice for dinner the night we went to see Cisco at the Toyota Music Factory because it's right next door! Boi Na Braza has a huge salad bar with a wide variety of food to choose from! Even the pickiest eater should be able to find something they like!


Of course you will want to “sample” all the different meats that bring out to you! If you want something other than steak, they had chicken, pork and lamb the night were there! The specials cuts they have are a must try though.

The Pavilion

You want to be entertained when you are on vacation. Irving will keep yours toes tapping at The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory.


There are no bad seats at The Pavilion. The Pavilion converts from a 2,500 seat theater, to a 4,000 seat capacity indoor theater and opens up to an 8,000-person capacity open-air pavilion.It's a great atmosphere to hang out with some friends and enjoy some music! Cisco was performing when we visited!

Shooting Range

Well what guys weekend would complete without the smell of gun powder? So I was excited to head to Elm Fork Shooting Sports to “pop off” a few rounds. I love how they had a nice selection of firearms for rent that we could choose from.


This place is REALLY nice. There are plenty of lanes so you don't have to worry about not finding a spot to shoot. The range masters will help you with any issues you are having and work with everyone to keep the range as safe as possible.


I know what you're thinking… Gondolas aren't manly. Well they can be! Gondola Adventures will make your gondola ride whatever (within reason) you want it be! Let your imagination be your guide.


You can also take this time to talk to Gondola Adventures and set up that special proposal… or just talk to them to come up with that perfect romantic evening to spend with your special someone. I know I can always use some help in the romantic department!

Check out what ManTripping.com has to say about guys weekends in Irving, Texas as well.


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