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10 Tips for a Great Easter Egg Hunt + FREE OKC Metro Easter Events!

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If you are in search for an Easter event for the kiddos, look no further!  We have a great roundup of FREE Easter events to share, thanks to the folks at Metro Family Magazine.  Check out this great roundup below!

If you haven't been to a big Easter egg hunt, or are thinking of braving the crowds again this spring, here are some things to think about for a great egg hunt experience!

Tips for a great Egg Hunt from the Consumer Queen Princess Team, if this is your first year:

  • Know the weather! The weather can be pretty tricky this time of year.  Even when the “high” for the day is 65, Easter egg hunts and early morning activities can be super chilly in the wind! Dress those kiddos in layers and they can always take coats and hoodies off.
  • Arrive a bit early… this is a big one! Nothing like waiting in a line of cars and that egg hunt starts in 5 minutes. LOL.  So arrive early, give yourself time to park, get the stroller and kids out, walk around and find the place for your designated age group.
  • Have a backup plan: if for some reason your egg hunt activity doesn't work out or it is rained out, have a few dates and locations of Easter activities picked out so you can have something else to fall back on.
  • Make sure your Easter event is appropriate for your child's age.  Pretty much all Easter egg hunts have ages listed in their flyers or event details, but if you have very small children be sure there is an activity included for them.
  • Safety First! Egg hunts are often spread out. If you have more than one child, be sure to bring along a second or third adult so each child has someone to run back to right after the egg hunt is over.  For older kids, have a designated meeting place.
  • Be fast: Egg hunts are VERY quick, if you haven't been to one before.  Most of the time parents aren't allowed to help kids so make sure your smaller children know to be fast!
  • Bring a couple healthy snacks. This may sound silly but our kids are always hungry after all the activity and instantly go to that candy! I have a pack of crackers handy and let them have a few pieces of their candy haul.  Not 10… 😀
  • Don't be afraid to leave early.  Most egg hunts have lots of extra activities for the kids, but if the kids are done for the day after the egg hunt, don't force it.  We have skipped the bounce houses and face painting before and it's been just fine.  There is a lot going on sometimes and littles can get overwhelmed!
  • We all know this one but be sure to look thru kids goodie bags and Easter eggs.  I have found coupons for Whataburger and Braum's mixed in.  Of course to the kids these are trash, but for mom and dad this will save a few $ on treats for the family!
  • Finally, take it easy! Let the kids have fun and relax. It can be stressful to get the entire crew where they need to be as a parent, but remember the goal is to have fun!

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