30¢ Tea at McAlister’s Coming Soon – Don’t Miss Out!

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30¢ Tea at McAlister's Coming Soon!

tea at mcalisters deli

30¢ Tea at McAlister's Coming Soon!

On October 1st, both McAlister's Deli and I will be celebrating anniversaries. I'll be celebrating the day my sweet daughter (aka Consumer Queen) was born and McAlister's will be celebrating their 30th year in business.

While I won't be able to give everyone something, McAlister's will giving us all their famous beverage all.day.long. to celebrate!

As always we suggest calling ahead to make sure your location is participating before you head out the door.

Click here for more info on their facebook page. 

Next Up ….. Pioneer Woman Clearance at Walmart + Free Store Pickup!

Thanks Telenza H.!

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