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5 Unusual Trash Bag Hacks

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5 Unusual Trash Bag Hacks

“Disclosure: “This Trash Bag Hacks post was sponsored by Color Scents, all opinions are my own.”



Color Scent Trash Bags

I was able to check out the Color Scents Trash 13-gallon bags for this post. For one, I like that these bags have the new silver/grey color of the Linen Fresh bag.

So if you have a stainless steel trash can like we do, the tinted bags look more subtle than traditional white bags.

As with other products, they have great stretch and strength, and I have not had any disasters with these bags where the bag has broken open when I've gone to take out the trash (we have all been there).

The Color Scents kitchen bags feature a Right-Fit® Drawstring which secures the bag to the top of the can. This is a must when I am looking for kitchen bags.  It prevents messes and of course lets you fill that kitchen bag all the way up.

5 Unusual Trash Bag Hacks

garden Trash Bag Hacks

Trash Bag Hacks #1 – Prevent muddy knees when gardening by kneeling on trash bags. These bags work great to take outside with me when working in the garden.  I have lots of shaded areas around the house, and the dirt stays muddy until we get very hot weather.

Trash Bag Hacks #2 – Protect a table!  With lots of church events like cookouts and Vacation Bible School, summer can be hard on tables. We love the 13-gallon sized bags to protect tables at church and at home.

Trash Bag Hacks

Trash Bag Hacks #3 – When Traveling, store dirty clothes to keep both car and clothes smelling fresh.
One of the best things about these bags is that they are scented! No need to throw in a dryer sheet or other hacks to keep the bag from smelling…less than fresh.  So the Color Scents bags are perfect for dirty/soiled clothing if you are heading home form a road trip.

Trash Bag Hacks #4 – On pool days, toss your wet swimsuits and towels into one of the Color Scents bags to keep the car clean and the wet clothing fresh on the trip home.

Trash Bag Hacks #5 – Have available in the car on Pool Days to keep car seats dry.
Having a roll in the car also serves other purposes. If kids are still wearing wet swimwear, just throw the trash bags on your seats to keep things clean and dry.

Find Easily at Walmart

You can find the new Color Scent bags easily at Walmart. Just head over to your paper product and trash bag aisle, and they are located with the larger and traditional trash bags.  I was able to find them with no problems.  Remember at Walmart Super Centers, this aisle is on the grocery side of the store.

Get an Instant Redemption Coupon!

Now is your chance to save on the Color Scent bags!  Head over to Walmart during June/July (2018)  and find your instant redeemable coupon on packages of the 13-gallon Color Scents packages, while supplies last.  If you all have followed my blog, you know I love to share coupons with readers, especially for new products. Be sure to take advantage of these savings! #MyColorScents

“Additional Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Color Scents, however all opinions expressed are my own.”

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