Aldi Stores Inside Kohl’s – Who’d Have Thunk It??

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Aldi Stores Inside Kohl's?

Last March, Kohl’s announced that they were making plans to adjust their store footprint by opening smaller format stores and rightsizing additional stores.  The stores being “right sized” would be optimized and the extra store space would be leased to other companies.

One of the companies Kohl’s planned to partner with was Aldi. The first Kohl's – Aldi combo opened it's doors in Waukesha, WI. earlier this month with Aldi occupying the previously unoccupied part of Kohl's.

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I have to be honest, a partnership between Aldi Stores & Kohl's seems a little odd. They're opposites in the way they do business – Kohl's has higher prices but offers stackable coupons, while Aldi offers cheaper than average grocery prices but accepts no coupons.

However, there is some advantages – you can shop for deals at Kohl's and then pick up groceries for dinner 😉

What do you think of the whole deal??

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