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                                                 ARE YOU REALLY SAVING MONEY !


Here are some things to think about when coupon shopping. Time is money and you really need to justify what your buying is really saving you money. Here are a few do’s and dont’s to think about.

*Shopping with kids: If you have to shop with your kids make a list of the deals before you go. Let your kids know you will only be buying what is on the list. If you are finding yourself buying alot of extras(snacks, drinks,toys) to keep your little ones busy you really aren’t saving money in the long run.

Pack a snack bag in the car or to take in the store as well as book or something that will occupy them.

* Gas Prices: Do not drive clear across town just because your friend calls you and says hey my Target has razors on clearance and they have 3 left. The gas you use driving all across town is going to counteract the coupon savings. Don’t worry another deal will come along. You have to use your common sense I see way to many people who will use up a 1/2 a tank of gas just so they can get 3 bottles of shampoo for free.(thats obsession lol)

* OBSESSION: This my favorite, and one I have been guilty of until I had one of those AHA ! moments!!

Couponing can turn into an obsession, it can be quite the high to start seeing how much you can save. Some people find themselves starting to buy junk that they will never use and think they are saving alot of money only to think when they got home I just paid 10 cents for this plastic flower pot with a wooden flower sticking out of it and was normally $3.99. Great deal but now what do I do with it?

You start running out of room in your house and your family is starting to get upset because all the junk is taking up space. (now i am not saying don’t buy 10 bottles of laundry soap when you know you are going to go through a bottle a week) I mean stuff that people buy that is just junk. This can also turn into hording!

*HORDING:Hording is when you go to get a deal and you clear off the shelf so noone else can partake in it. I don’t mean you take the last 2 I mean someone who comes in and shops every CVS or Walgreens in the city and wipes every sale item off the shelf. This only hurts us couponers in the long wrong as regular customers cannot get in on the deals. Remember this is taking your time, gas and you are paying tax on all these items as well.


You do not have to stress out over getting a deal, another one will always come along ! You will find yourself less stressed and more organized in the long run.

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