Don’t Pass Up The Bulk Bin Aisle – It Could Cost You Money!

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bulk bin

Chances are, no matter which grocery store you shop, there's a bulk bin aisle. You know, the section of the store with all those big containers full of beans, dried fruits, nuts, pasta etc..

More often than not, you pass by without a thought of stopping and actually purchasing something.  We're here to tell you  – STOP!!  You could be missing out on saving money and here's why.

Reduce Waste

Buying bulk allows you to buy exactly the amount needed for recipes. This avoids avoids waste and extra packaging you don't need.

Buy Only What You Need

Buying only what you need means only paying for what you need. You don't spend money on something you're gonna toss as a left over ingredient.  Even better, most of the time bulk foods are cheaper per pound than pre-packages foods.


Shopping the bulk bins allows you to try new and unfamiliar foods without buying large amounts.  That way, if it's a no-go with the family, you haven't wasted a bunch of money on something they wouldn't eat.

Shop for Whole Grain and Organic!

If you're looking for organic or gluten-free, shop the bulk bin aisle. There's usually lots of choices all in one spot at great prices.

Some bulk foods come already packaged but your best bet is to measure out your own for all the reasons we listed above. it will be cheaper in the long run as your not having to pay for the more expensive packaging which is figured into the price.

So next time you're shopping, stop by the the bulk section and check it out. You may be pleasantly surprised at what you find.


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