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Disclaimer: We are working Deals Outlet to promote this store. Any opnions are my own.

If you live in OKC or nearby, check out the Deals Outlet Bins Store, located in southwest Oklahoma City. For fas of “open box” merchandise, this place is a must see! We got some mystery boxes with lots of cool stuff. Take a look and see all the details before you shop!

Deals Outlet Bins Store- What is it??

Basically outlet stores sell new merchandise to customers at discount prices. It might be overstock, items that did not sell either online or in stores, or in some cases, unused returns. Merchandise is new, so you aren't shopping at a thrift store! A lot of the merchandise may be off season, but it's perfectly good!

Items at Deals Outlet may be from retailers such as Amazon, Target, Walmart, or even big box home improvement stores. Because of the nature of overstock items, what you see one week will vary greatly to the next!

Deals outlet melissa and family shopping.

Why to shop at Outlet Bins Store:

If you're an avid online shopper, chances are you try to wait for the lowest prices. The nice thing about outlet stores is that you're paying even less than you would for clearance, in most cases. For example, we spotted new Target purses at this store a few weeks back. They were priced at $5 each, which is much lower than the lowest sale price at Target (around $7.99 depending on location). This is just one example– but you get the idea!

Price list

When Do New Items Come In?

Each day has a different pricing schedule, in order to clear out inventory and price new inventory accordinly. The store does restock every hour according to their manager. The biggest day is Thursday, so if you want the best selection, plan to shop in the morning then (Hours are 10am-7pm).

Deals outlet store

Sometimes items will be in a box and not readily identifiable. However, management asks that you please do not open any boxes. Just take up to the front and they will open the boxes for you and then you can decide wether you want top purchase or not.

Mystery Boxes:

One of the unique things about this store is their mystery boxes. You can purchase bulk items for one price.

Deals outlet $25 boxes

The options are $25, $50, and $100 boxes. Be sure to note, you cannot open up mystery boxes in store to choose. (It's a mystery, of course!)

Deals outlet mystery boxes $100 each contains $600 MRSP
Deals outlet mystery box

Best Times To Shop:

If you're thinking this might be a nice place to get some Christmas gifts for less, you're right! There are plenty of new in box items to pick from. However, be sure to be aware it gets extremely busy around the holiday season. Our advice is to expect crowds and long lines during certain times of the week or even times of the year. Give yourself enough time to shop and stand in line in order not to be frustrated by having to set something down you hoped to buy– chances are it will not be there when you return to the store!

If you have seen our similar posts about Metro Merch in OKC, I can say that this Deals Outlet store is a bit smaller and a little more open as far as space is concerned. I would definitely say it's more family friendly

Other Promotions:

  • Raffle In store every Thursday- Deals Outlet gives away (2) gift cards! Must be in store to win.
  • On Friday, Buy 10 items get 1 Free!

Where Are They Located

Store #1:
2122 SW 59th st Oklahoma City, OK, United States, Oklahoma City, OK

5801 W Britton Rd, Oklahoma City, OK

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