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Wylers, Crush, Diet Snapple & More Drink Mixes Only 75¢

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drink mixes

Cheap drink mixes!

Just about every store we know of carries the $1.00 boxes of drink mixes. We've got two coupons that will drop the price to just 75¢ per box!

You should be able to pick these up at Walmart, Dollar Tree, Dollar General and any grocery store with a dollar section.

Lot's of great coupons have popped up this morning. You can take a look at the complete list here.

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  1. I use them all the time. I would love to have coupons for the crush and root bear really any of these things we put in water and shake up. Thank you.

    1. Hi Deborah, if you’ll click on the links provided in the post you’ll be able to print them off. We don’t have the actual coupons 🙂

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