Earn More with Box Tops at Sam’s Club

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by General Mills and Nestle, but all opinions are my own.

Box Tops are Going Digital!

Digital Box Tops at Sams Club

I have some exciting news about those familiar Box Tops we all used to save for school…they are now going digital!

I know this will probably have a lot more families on board with saving Box Tops, since it's so easy to upload a receipt through the Box Tops app!

No more worrying about saving those Box Tops. I know in the past I've had a few saved up only to accidentally throw them away in an envelope. 

And, even better, products you purchase at Sam's Club will earn so many more Box Tops than the smaller, grocery store sized products.

Why Are Box Tops for Education Important to Me?

I was a home room mom while my kids were in school.  School supplies may not seem expensive, but if you're buying them on a large scale and with a limited budget (or buying them as a teacher or teacher's aide), every little bit helps!

Now that those years are past, I am hoping to encourage readers on the blog to be involved in your child's school! Your kids' teachers will appreciate it more than you know. 

And, it sets a great example to your own kids.  As we all know they watch how we use our time!

How Do I Get This Offer?

To take advantage of the Buy One, Earn 12 Box Tops deal, you will need to be sure to have The Box Tops For Education App. 

While you're adding your Box Tops app, go ahead and check out the Sam's Club App too!

You don't want to miss out on Sam's Club digital coupons, so this is an app you will want to download. 

The Buy 1, Earn 12 Box Tops can be redeemed by purchasing one of the participating products at Sam's Club, and then scanning your receipt into the Box Tops App. So easy!

Box Tops App - Digital Box Tops

I don't know about you but I absolutely LOVE ways of saving money with apps.  They are just so convenient. 

And for a large store trip or when I am in a hurry, the last thing I remember seems to be bringing along my paper coupons. 

Sam's Club

Digital receipt scanning apps and coupons are taking away those easily forgotten steps to saving money, and I am on board with that! 

In the digital age we all have our phones on us for store trips, so it's just that easy.

Daniel Grabbing Gardettos

Participating Products:

Now, you may be asking which items are included. With back to school shopping around the corner, and those late summer sports coming up, snack foods are a must!

I was excited to see many of our favorites can help earn Box Tops with this offer.  See below for participating products.
  • Gardettos 42ct Box (pictured above)

Gardettos are a favorite of ours. They aren't quite as heavy or sweet as some kids' snacks.

Nature Valley on Sam's Shelf

  • Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Almond 36 ct Bars

I remember eating Nature Valley Sweet & Salty bars years ago. 

Pop one into your kids' backpacks and they will have a healthy snack to munch on instead of looking for candy and cookies when they get home!

Nestle Pure Life Water

  • Nestle ™ Pure Life Water 16.9 oz 35 pk

Summer sports and Back to School call for extra water bottles.

It's surprising how fast you can go through a large pack of water, whether it's for the family, church or sports team.  I always keep extras on hand in our garage.

Nestle Pure Life Water Box Tops

  • Totino's Pepperoni Rolls 160 ct (2 bag) pk.  Find this in the frozen section.

Totinos Pizza Rolls

My kids could eat so many of these when they were younger!

I don't know if I've even met school aged kids who don't like these Totino's Pizza Rolls! 

Something about them just makes them a great afternoon snack. And, a great summer snack while the kids are at home!

General Mills Products in Basket

  • Honey Nut Cheerios 48 oz Box 

You know I love my Cheerios if you've followed this blog for a while! We stocked up! 

They make a great snack for afternoons (without the guilt of opening a bag of chips!) and also work for breakfasts and even a late snack on hectic days.  

Digital Box Tops Receipt:

Sam's Club Box Tops Earnings - Digital Box Tops

Then, just upload your receipt!

I think it's great they allow you to choose a preferred school (and suggestions are offered based on your location), so you can help your local classrooms this school year.

This last picture is of my Box Tops app showing my earnings so far.

Happy Shopping and stocking up for summer break and of course, the upcoming school year!

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