FREE 15-oz. Tub of Better Beans – Get Your’s Now!

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Score a coupon for a free 15-oz. tub of Better Beans! Just fill out a short form, use code: FREEBEANS and your coupon will arrive in about 4-6 weeks.

Only coupon left is BOGO Free.

Better Beans comes in several varieties and flavors. I've never tried the beans but I'm gonna now 😉

Before you request your coupon!

There are two ways to get your coupon – either have it emailed to you or sent by mail.  We STRONGLY suggest you have it sent by mail. Most stores will not accept a printable coupon for a free item.

Be sure and skip the top part of the form, which is the email request. If you start filling it out by mistake, you can't delete it and go to the mail form below it. You'll have to refresh the page in order to start again.

Once you have the form filled out and have entered FREEBEANS, click a submit button will appear for you to click. It takes awhile to process so be patient 🙂

Request you free beans by clicking here.


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