Free Bag of Chips Valentine Printable

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Valentine's Day is around the corner! Get this Free Bag of Chips Valentine Printable here for a no-stress holiday treat!

Free Bag of Chips Valentine Printable

Every year parents stress about what to do for the kids' class Valentines.  A cute idea is a must, and a fun saying with some humor added always shows some thought was put into it!

A easy Valentine Printable will have you prepared in no time, especially if you're needing a large number of Valentine's Day treats.

Chips Valentine

Print your tags here, and then just use mini clothes pins to attach to the bags. If the clothes pins aren't allowed at school or not ideal for your younger child's age group, you can of course use Scotch tape to attach the tag to the chips.

Or, you can always use clear goodie bags and insert the tag facing out, if you prefer to include candy or other goodies.

This cute saying made me laugh and of course it will work for multiple ages.  Hope you can use these for an easy and stress-free Valentine's Day treat!  Click here to print.

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