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10 Ways To Keep Produce Fresh

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10 ways to keep produce fresh

Fresh produce is one of our favorite things to eat in our house so we go through a lot of it.  One thing that really makes me mad is when our produce goes bad before we can eat it.  Fresh produce can be expensive so I hate when it has to be thrown out.

Here are 10 ways to keep produce fresh for longer!

  1. Keep your fridge clean!  This sounds simple but it's important.  If you've got rotten food, mold or leftover residue sitting in your fridge then your fresh produce will spoil quicker.  You can also find fridge liners at Walmart or Aldi.
  2. Wash all produce before eating.  I fill my sink with water then pour in some white vinegar and let the produce sit in it for a bit.  Be sure to dry well.  For berries, wait until you're ready to eat them before washing them.
  3. Place fresh herbs in a small glass of water just as you would a bouquet of flowers.  This keeps them fresh longer and also makes for a pretty green display in your kitchen.
  4. Store your fresh produce in glass or clear containers so that your produce is easy to see.  A lot of times fresh produce in the crisper drawers gets forgotten.  Avoid that by investing in some great containers.  Also be sure to keep 1 or 2 folded paper towels at the bottom of your containers to catch the moisture.
    freezer shrimp stir fry
  5. If you've discovered that you've bought too much and won't be able to eat it all before it goes bad, cut it up and freeze!  This will save you from throwing away money and will also come in handy in the future.    Even better, toss your veggies in a Ziploc bag and you have a great freezer meal ready to go, like this yummy Freezer Shrimp Stir Fry!
  6. Keep fruits and vegetables separate. Fruits give off a higher level of ethylene (ripening agent) which will cause the vegetables to go bad quicker.  Bananas are a great example of this.  They ripen very quickly and will affect anything around it.
  7. Consider investing in special produce storage containers.  Something like THIS is great for fruits, veggies and greens and THIS is perfect for berries.  These Prep Solutions containers will keep your fresh produce for up to 2 weeks and it also doubles as a colander so you can use it when washing your produce.
  8. Always remove rubber bands, twist ties, etc. from vegetables for better circulation.
  9. Keep apples, bananas, avocados, oranges, tomatoes, sweet potatoes and squash on the counter.  Not only will you save refrigerator space but you will also encourage healthy snack choices because they are easily accessible and visible. Find a pretty fruit basket stand to keep on the counter.
  10. Get an Ethylene gas absorber for the fridge.  This will help absorb the ripening agent which will keep your fruits and veggies fresher for longer!

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