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DIY: How to tint glass any color!

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Tint Glass

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I love crafts and DIY's that use recycled material. It's giving new life to something…and normally it's a cheap craft! I use glass jars for a lot of crafts and gifts. So PLEASE, don't throw away your jars, reuse them!

For this one I used an old salsa jar. I painted the lid, tinted the glass and then filled it with candy for a fun little birthday present! So many possibilities!

Here's how to tint the glass. You don't need that much modge podge, just about a tablespoon or two then  mix in a few drops of food coloring. The more drops you use, the stronger the color will be. In the above picture I used about 6 drops of blue food coloring. Mix them together and then paint it on the glass. It won't be transparent at first but as it dries it will dry clearer. If you want it to have more color, put on another coat.

*TIP* You can also add glitter to modge podge to make it sparkle!

Tint glass jars- how to


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