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Eating Organic on a Budget

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Eating Organic on a Budget

Planning meals for your entire family can be a daunting task.  Especially when deciding to move your family to Organic eating. It can be overwhelming and intimidating.  But it doesn't have to be! We have started by putting back a certain amount of money each week for this specific purpose.  Planning ahead has taken the stress out of meal planning by allowing us to put the money we set aside, so that we don't spend it on something else!  I personally know how easy it is to lose track of things and accidentally spend too much on groceries or just spend it on something else all together!   And, you know what?  Spending only what I have planned for has allowed little opportunities to spoil myself with something fun!


 Where does this Eating Organic on a Budget begin?  If you have an Aldi, that's a great place to begin.  Aldi's has a decent selection of organic products at great prices.  I've gotten grass-fed beef, canned beans (for only about 79¢!) and tomatoes,  fresh fruits and veggies, toasted oats (that's like cheerios), and many other Organic products without even using coupons.


If you don't have an Aldi or would like a bigger Organic selection, Whole Foods & Sprouts is another great option.  They allow us to use their store coupons with a manufacturer coupon so we can double our savings!  Look for store sales on organic products as well. My Homeland had Horizon Mac & Cheese on sale plus I was able to us a BOGO coupon for an even better deal. Along with using coupons, I take advantage of extra savings by using apps like ibotta ,Berry Cart and Checkout 51 to submit my receipts for cash back! We have huge list of Organic Coupons.

checkout 51 ibotta

If you need to shop online, Epantry is a great way to purchase natural and Organic products.  Read more about it HERE in a post I've written.  ConsumerQueen.com also posts weekly Organic coupon matchups so you can always have coupons handy to save a little more!  Supporting your community by shopping your local farmer's market for fresh, organic veggies is a great option as well.  You could start your own organic garden, too!  Then buy up what is in season and freeze while it's fresh so you can enjoy off season. Check out our post on Foods You Can Freeze. As you can see, there are just so many different ways to eat Organic and save!

After I use my coupons and savings to get my organic groceries, I make recipes like Homemade Organic Lasagna  & Organic Garlic & Parmesan Kale Chips to feed my family delicious, healthy meals! Don't forget to JOIN our Natural & Organic Deals Facebook Group as well! You might also like to check out Food Babe.

Homemade Organic Lasagna


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