Frugal Mothers Day Gift Ideas for Children

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I know Mother’s Day is coming up and if your children are anything like mine they have already spent their allowance on items for themselves. Rather than them running to the local dollar store here are some frugal gift ideas your children can use to surprise you on Mother’s Day. (I recommend copying or printing this and highlighting what you like!)

GOOD BEHAVIOR– I know I would like, and I am sure I can speak for all Mother’s, one day where there is no fighting or arguing between my children. It does not matter who touched who or who ate the last cookie. For one day figure it out for yourself and do not make me be a referee.
TELEVISION– It is Mother’s day, can I pick what we watch on television? I would love to cuddle on the couch and watch TV with you but can I choose the movie tonight?
CHORES– PLEASE do your chores without me asking! If it is your chore to take out the trash can you do it without me asking? Actually if it is not your chore and it is full can you please take it out anyways? Pretty Please?
COOKING– If you choose to cook something for me can you clean up after yourself. While I love the fact you cooked for me it gets tarnished if I need to spend 5 hours cleaning the kitchen after you since somehow, some way you got cake batter on the ceiling.
CARD– Make me a homemade card. It means so much more to me than a store bought one because it was made by YOU and everything in it came from your heart.

None of these things costs the children anything except some time. Trust me the best things in life are free. If my boys did all of the above we would have an excellent day and I would love it. It would not cost them anything.

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