Frugal Tip for Home Depot

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I am not sure how many people know this but……did you know that Home Depot takes Harbor Freight % off and $ off coupons? I have Harbor Freight Coupons in my Entertainment Book! I love that they are % off and $ off coupons! I knew they took Lowe's coupons, but I just recently learned about the Harbor Freight Coupons.

I am unsure if Lowe's takes them at this moment.


Chat InformationPlease wait for a Customer Service Associate to respond.  Your average wait time is 0m:34sec. Your place in Queue is ‘2'.

Chat InformationYou are now chatting with ‘Tammy'

Tammy: Welcome to The Home Depot. How may I assist you today?

Karen: I know that Home Depot takes Lowe's Coupons and Ace Hardware Coupons and Manufacturer coupons; however, do they take Harbor Freight Coupons?

Tammy: I'll be happy to help you!

Tammy: No we do not honor those.

Tammy: I apologize for the inconvenience.

Karen: Is there a written coupon policy anywhere?

Karen: I have been told by a cashier at a Home Depot in Jacksonville, NC that you accept those coupons

Tammy: Not that I am aware of.

Tammy: They may in store.

Karen: Does each store make up their own coupon policy?

Tammy: No, the policy is the same for all local stores.

Karen: OK so why do some stores take it and others do not?

Tammy: I was not aware that there were stores that didn't?

Karen: OK…I am confused now.  Do you take Harbor Freight coupons?  Yes or no.

Tammy: We do not accept them online.

Tammy: They are accepted in store.

Karen: So Harbor Frieght Coupons are accepted in store by ALL Home Depots.  Is that correct?

Tammy: As far as I am aware.

Tammy: But not online.

That conversation was clear as mud so I am calling the corporate office since I have not gotten a response to my email.

Basically the store is supposed to take ANY coupon as long as it has a bar code, not photocopied or expired.  They are supposed to take all competitor's coupons.  The lady I spoke with at the Corporate level can be reached at 1-800-654-0688 extension 76004.

If your having a problem with them accepting these coupons speak with a manager is what I have been told.

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  1. I just got back from Home Depot and failed at trying to use Harbor Freight coupon. The manager gave me the “Harbor Freight is a wholesaler” excuse. I didn’t press any further and decided to come home and try to call online customer service later. Please send me any email that will help. Thanks.

  2. My local store’s policy is to take Harbor Freight coupons on a case-by-case basis depending on the item being purchased. Because they require manager approval for discounts over $50 if you’re planning on using a competitor coupon for a large purchase it’s best to clear it ahead of time. The stores won’t take any coupon printed from the internet or expired (if it has no date they will try to see if it was from an expired ad before they ok it). Because the policy is very nebulous as to what stores are “competitors” for The Home Depot, it’s always best to call your local store and talk to management. Get a full list if you can. Corporate gives local stores a lot of leeway with these things so getting the store manager or ASM to ok your coupon use (and getting it in writing if you can) is a better way to approach coupons at The Home Depot.

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