Pantry Organization: 10 Must Have Items

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Why Organizing Is Important- this is a common question that comes up, especially for busy families! Today we are going to talk about why organizing is important and how to Keep Your Pantry Organized.

why organizing is important - Pantry Organization

If you are like me and have to organize your pantry more than once a year during spring cleaning, this post is for you!

Pantry Organization: 10 Must Have Items and Why Organizing Is Important!

For busy families, we are often on the go and don't have hours each week to dedicate to organizing. Like most families, the grocery shopping around here is done 1-2 times a week and everything goes right into the pantry. It's a fairly well organized pantry but no frills. Definitely not something a professional organizer was hired to set up!

If you have the luxury of a friend, relative, or hiring out an organizer to help with your pantry setup, go for it! For the rest of us, the pantry can get a little less-functional over time.

Why Organizing Tools and Products Are Important:

In short, you will end up buying double — or running out of– your pantry staples if you can't access everything inside the pantry. Even the best of us doesn't have a perfect memory! I can't even count all the times I've accidentally run out of a staple like flour or sugar, or bought double thinking I was running out. Nope, it was there all along, just in the back of the pantry.

Investing in good organization will help save money by keeping everything in its place, without losing an important item in the back of the cabinet somewhere.

It will also save time, since you won't be hunting down the salt canister or thinking, maybe I DID run out of this spice. And then head to the store for a replacement!

Our Favorite Products:

Can rack:   Canned goods are the main thing that will overtake our pantry if I let them.  For an easy fix to this, consider the Organize it All Can Rack you can find here on Amazon.

Rolling Shelf: This rolling floor shelf on Amazon allows you to store items in narrow spaces, which can take advantage of wasted space between a counter and appliance. Also keeps everything in view and off the floor.

Tiered Organizer: Whether it's for spices or cans, a tiered organizer is an absolute must. In the past I have actually had one of these in our medicine cabinet too for bottled children's medicines.  Click here for an easy, no install organizer.

Labels: For dry goods like flour and sugar these chalkboard labels are perfect to apply to glass storage jars and mason jars. Amazon has a great set of 39 here for $6.99 on Prime.

Kitchen Wrap Organizer: Especially for small spaces, keeping kitchen wraps and bags in one location is a must.  You can find door organizers or drawer organizers on Amazon that are perfect if you store your kitchen wraps in the pantry.

Lazy Susan: Great for non-spice items such as baking cups, toothpicks, etc. Here is the non-skid one I use.

Pasta Jars: I got two tall, narrow glass from Dollar General and these are perfect for opened packs of pasta.

Mason Jars: For spice blends, baking goods, etc. glass storage is easy and attractive. Use with chalkboard labels!

Hooks: Command hooks in all sizes are easy to find before the holidays. Stock up on a few extra for the pantry.  I usually find them in the holiday section at Lowes!

Tote: Along with the hooks, a hanging tote is perfect for single bags of chips or grocery bag storage.

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Drawer Organizer

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