Save Money and learn how to refill a foam soap dispenser!

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Here's one easy way that I save money. I love the foaming hand soap because I feel like it covers my kids hands better and doesn't just slide off down the sink. But we go through it so quickly! Here is an easy way to refill those foaming hand soap containers and it only costs pennies! Yay! When the container is empty fill it with about 1 inch of body wash. You can also use baby shampoo or other liquid hand soap. Then fill up the rest of the container with warm water, make sure you leave some room for bubbles. Gently shake it back and forth until it's mixed. Ta-Da!! It's the easy!



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  1. I have learned to refill lots of things I use alot and it saves lots in the long run. Best of all gas not running to the store all the time.

  2. Um didn’t you have to buy the baby shampoo and the body wash? What did you really save? Now you need more body wash and baby shampoo!!

  3. If u have a Doller Tree u can get the foam soap when u use it up put the baby wash and mark it. Just so u know. Put date down when u do it dont loss it when u refill do it again and u will c u can be getting more for ur money. Wish they had it when my teens was babys. Good luck. U will c if u try it.

  4. My cousin taught me something very cool with the Lysol no touch soap things. Instead of paying a lot to buy those special soap containers, once you empty one just drill a hole in the top, with a Dremil tool or something drill like and fill it with regular dish washing soap like dawn or joy. I have only bought 2 of the special soap refills and refilled them myself. It really saves a lot of money especially when you have a curious kitten who loves to set off the sensor lol!

  5. I fill the empty $Tree foam pumps to the top of the label, and then add a generous tablespoon or so of liquid castile. Done. 🙂

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