Tips To Help You Organize Your Refrigerator

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tips to help you organize your refrigerator

Let's face it, the refrigerator is one of the least favorite places to clean and organize.  Who wants to drag everything out and wipe down all the shelves?  I know I don't.  But unfortunately it is a necessary evil and if we don't keep up with it we'll have a monster on our hands.  There are ways to make cleaning and organizing the refrigerator easier though.  Here are a 10 tips to help you organize your refrigerator…

  1.  Make sure your temperature is set at 40 degrees or below
  2.  Go through every item in your fridge and throw out anything you don't want or has gone bad.  Also get rid of the things that may be still good but you know you won't use.  We need to clear out as much space as possible.  Once you've cleaned the shelves and gone through everything, you're ready to organize!
  3. Use Glad Press N Seal Wrap to line the shelves for easy cleaning.  This way when there's a spill you can just take off the wrap which is so much easier than cleaning the shelves!
  4. When you bring home fresh produce be sure to wash them right away before putting them in the fridge.  And I'd also recommend cutting them up into serving sizes and placing in glass containers for quick, easy snacking. You want glass so you can see what's in each container and you want square or rectangle because they take up less space than round and are easily stackable.  A set like THIS would be great!  Put these
  5. The refrigerator door is the warmest part of the fridge so only condiments and juices should go there.  Never put eggs or dairy in the door.
  6. Place veggies and fruits such as fresh herbs, sweet peppers, oranges, and apples in the crisper drawers.
  7. You want to keep your meat in a separate container so if it does leak the mess will be contained and it won't contaminate other things in the fridge.  Look for something like THIS.
  8. The upper shelves in the fridge have the most consistent temperature so this is where leftovers and foods such as hummus and deli meats should be kept.  Anything that doesn't have to be cooked can go here.
  9. The lower shelves are the coldest so that's the best place for eggs, raw meat and dairy.
  10. Be sure not to pack too much in your fridge so as to keep the temperature consistent.  You don't want lukewarm sour cream!

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