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How To Eat Paleo On A Budget

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I wanted to post this again for anyone following a Keto diet or trying to get more fresh foods into their menu! Check out my tips on How To Eat Paleo On A Budget!

how to eat paleo on a budget

Paleo on a Budget

When we think about eating Paleo it's easy to automatically assume that grocery bills are going to triple.  But that's not true!  Eating Paleo can be expensive but it doesn't have to be.  And if the fear of high grocery bills is what is keeping you from eating Paleo, fear no more!  I've got some tips for you on how to eat Paleo on a budget.

Shop Fresh Foods

The first tip is to shop the edges of the grocery store.  You want to stick with the fruits and vegetables, deli/meat section and dairy/egg section.  This is where you should be getting the majority of your food.  Veggies and eggs are usually pretty cheap so load up on these specifically.

If you can, shop at your local farmer's market.  The majority of the items there will be paleo so that makes your selection easier.  You'll also be supporting your local farmers which is an added bonus!


Wait for Meat Sales or Look for Close to Sell By Dates

Meat can be expensive but if you time things right, you can get meats at a discounted price because they are getting close to the expiration date.  This is when you stock up on those meats and throw them in the freezer.

Cooking your own meals and eating at home is cheaper than eating out.  I know that eating out is convenient but it adds up quickly and before you know it, you've spent hundreds of dollars in a months time.  Save some money by eating out less and eating at home more!

Don't Overly Worry About Organics

If you're just starting out eating Paleo don't focus so much on organic.  If you can buy non-GMO, organic products then go for it!  But don't be discouraged if you can't afford that right now.  Eating a non-organic hamburger patty is going to be healthier than a sandwich using white bread or throwing a frozen dinner in the microwave.  If eating non-GMO and organic becomes worth it to you later on then you can decide to spend the extra money.

When eating Paleo you're eating healthier foods full of nutrients and proteins which means you won't be hungry as often.  Which means you'll find yourself spending less on groceries because you're not buying as much as you were.

Last, but not least, eating Paleo is healthier for your body and that will lead to less sickness and less doctor visits and may even prevent future hospital visits.  Paleo may seem expensive and daunting but in the end it's so worth it!

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