Thinking About Home Grocery Delivery – Is it Really Worth It?

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home grocery delivery

With many stores now adding home grocery delivery to their services, we wanted to dig deep and see it it was really worth it.

Your own personal opinion about it will most likely depend on what you consider more important – time or cost.  If you're like me, having to pay service fees, delivery fees, and tipping is not worth saving the time it takes to shop. However if you're disabled, extremely busy, have lots of kiddos or can't drive it's probably worth paying the extra cash.

The Upside to Home Delivery:
  • You can shop in your pajamas.
  • Shopping can be done online any time, day or night, whenever it's convenient for you.
  • Great for those who live alone and can't drive or are too disabled to drive.
  • When you're just too busy to go shopping, it's a life saver.
The Downside to Home Delivery:
  • If your store uses a delivery company such as Instacart or Shipt the prices you see online will most likely be higher than the price in-store. For example, you won't see those amazing markdowns that you find in-store at Crest, when you order online.
  • The delivery and service charges – depending on the company, you may be charged both a delivery and a service charge. You could pay upwards to $15 – $20 per delivery.
  • There will be a minimum order that must be placed for delivery. There may also be a minimum to order for the lowest delivery charge. For example, you may get delivery with a $30 purchase but if you don't order $50 your delivery charge will be higher.
  • Last but not least, coupons can't be used with online ordering (unless digital coupon are offered on the ordering website).

Whichever you choose,

Right now Walmart is offering FREE home delivery at select stores thru January 20th. There is a $50 minimum and no other service fees. After the 20th, your delivery fee will depend on your purchase amount. Check out all the details here.

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