Coffee Pots and Keurig: How To Clean!

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Keurig: How To Clean! Who else needs these reminders? See these must have cleaning tips for better tasting coffee. I know I need this reminder every few months!

Clean Your Keurig

How To Clean Your Keurig And Coffee Pot

My husband and I love a good cup of coffee so to say that our Keurig is well-loved is an understatement.  We've even brought it on trips and vacations with us.  It's fallen out of the back of the Acadia a time or two so now it's a bit banged up and bruised but still brews a perfect cup of coffee! 

To keep our coffee tasting great I make sure to clean our Keurig regularly.  It's so simple and takes hardly any time at all.  The only things you'll need are your Keurig, coffee cup, vinegar and water!

When Do I Clean It??

Your biggest question here is probably– how often should I have been cleaning it?? That's the question that comes to my mind when I'm reminded of something that I should have been cleaning all this time. LOL. No worries.

The Keurig website recommends every 3-6 months. I have to say we do this MUCH more often. Three months would be a stretch for us since we do get lime deposits sooner rather than later. Keurig pots do feature a light that comes on when it needs to be cleaned. If you don't have one, definitely don't wait longer than a few months. More frequently if you use the coffee pot daily.

Clean your Keurig - coffee grounds

Your Keurig should be cleaned regularly to maintain a great tasting coffee. Over time, lime and other minerals can form deposits on the inside of your coffee maker. These need to be cleaned –or descaled– or else the coffee itself will take on a poor taste.

If you have “hard water” meaning more minerals than usual, you might look at your Keurig's instruction manual or contact customer service to see if you should clean it more often. If your coffee starts tasting a little… off? It's time to descale! Look at all those dirty coffee grounds they came out when I cleaned ours above.

How to Clean Your Keurig or Coffee Pot

  1. Empty all of the water our of your Keurig's reservoir and remove any leftover k-cups.
  2. Fill the reservoir halfway with white vinegar and run a brew cycle.  Make sure your coffee cup is there so you don't have a mess!  
  3. Dump out the white vinegar and run a second brew cycle.  Dump that out as well as the remaining vinegar in the reservoir.
  4. Wash our the reservoir then fill halfway with water.  Just like the vinegar, run 2 or more brew cycles through the Keurig to get any remaining vinegar out.  Dump out any extra water and wash well.
  5. If you find that it still has a slight vinegar taste simply run a couple more brew cycles of water.
  6. Hand wash any removable parts to the Keurig, such as the water reservoir and platform. It's also a good time to de-grease and clean the appliance itself. A slightly damp kitchen cloth with a soft scrub cleaner like Barkeeper's Friend works well. Only clean the outside parts of the appliance with cleansers. Rinse with a clean cloth.
how to clean your keurig and coffee pot

It's a good idea to refer to your Keurig instruction manual for full instructions here. This is what we do, but if you have a warranty please make sure you're following the manufacturers' instructions correctly. 🙂

This trick also works for regular coffee makers.  Just put the vinegar where the water normally would be, filling it halfway, and run it through.  Dump out the brewed vinegar then fill with water and brew again.  You may want to do this two more times just to be sure all of the vinegar is out.

Now that your Keurig and coffee pot is sparkling clean, go brew yourself a cup and enjoy the fruits of your labors!

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