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How to Prevent Laundry Rashes

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See easy ways to prevent Laundry Rashes- and what common things you might not know can contribute to them!

Athens Laundromat
Image: Athens Commercial Laundromat

Ways to Prevent Laundry Rashes

With many families spending more time at home, it means more time to be outside, to play and get our clothes dirty. Thankfully, the majority of homeowners have a washing machine to keep clothes looking new again but for some, using certain laundry detergents can cause headaches, skin issues, or headaches due to sensitivity to certain ingredients.

For those that have extremely sensitive skin, the detergent can break down their protective surface layer which ends up with them having irritated, dry, and itchy skin.

The most common detergent that causes this problem is any type of dye that has no purpose in actually cleaning your clothes. If you or someone in your home has sensitive skin or allergies, you’ll want to find some hypoallergenic laundry to use right away.

Below are a few tips to read which might help not only keeping your clothes clean but also not irritating your skin and causing rashes. 

Use Less Detergent 

This might come as a no-brainer but if you are using a new brand of detergent for the first time, use less detergent for your load of wash and see how you and your family react to it for a few days before using any more.

This can be a trial and error of course but you want to see how everyone feels before continuing to use it for a daily or weekly occurrence. 

Rinse Twice –

If you can, use an extra run through rinse cycle to help keep the detergent build-up from getting more into the fibers of your clothing.

It’s wise to use the hottest setting possible of water to help kill those allergens that might be lurking. 

Image: Athens Commerce Laundromat 

Find A Quality Laundry  Mat

The other day my washer and dryer broke and I wasn’t sure what to do! Luckily there were several laundry mats within a few minutes from home. Athens Commerce Laundromat is one that offers some incredible services to help me and my loved ones when things like this happen. This Commerce, Georgia laundromat is one that is extremely clean, affordable and offers a variety of tips and tricks to keep your clothes clean and laundry detergent rash free.

They have state of the art washer and dryers which is helpful knowing that they won’t break down in the middle of a double rinse cycle. They also offer 24/7 availability so I know I can get things done quickly and safely no matter what time of day it is.

Another perk is having friendly staff that can assist you on safe detergents to use for your kids and who keep the place spotless day after day. It’s one location I know I can feel good going too. 

DIY Your Own Detergent –

There are lots of various detergents out there but why not try and make your own. It’s actually easier then you think. You can make your own using washing soda and borax. This solution is dye-free and can be fragrance-free as well.

For extra cleaning power, consider adding some olive oil-based Castile soap. If you want a bit of a fragrance, add some of your own oils such as lavender or lemon for a sweet, calming smell that won’t irritate your skin.

Again, be mindful of how many drops you put in so start with one and add from there as the weeks go on.

Homemade Liquid Laundry Detergent Pinterst - Best laundry detergent

You can see this Homemade Liquid Laundry Detergent DIY here!

Oatmeal Bath 

Using natural remedies is another idea to promote comfort.

This is better if the irritation is happening on a larger part of your body. Put a cup of a oatmeal in a tub of water to help improve the itchiness and dryness of your skin.

Once your child is bathed, use a towel that has recently been washed in a dye and perfume-free detergent to help. 

Note- For an allergic reaction, be sure to seek medical attention. This tip post can not substitute for any medical advice.

Use Natural Detergent

Contrast to making your own detergent, there are several natural ones you can purchase in the store. One of our favorites include Grab Green. It’s a non-toxic, naturally, drive, and effective detergent that is female/mother owned and operated.

I love small businesses that are making a huge difference for our family as well as helping to keep our family feeling their best on a daily basis based on the ingredients they are putting in their product.

Wash The Washing Machine

If you have just one family member that has chemical sensitivity, make sure that you wash the machine after the load you washed with a standard detergent. A hot water cycle with vinegar and baking soda can help clear any soap scum that might occur as well as chemical buildup from the machine. It might be a little more extra work but that extra care will help your little one. 

Keep An Extra Eye On –

If you aren’t sure about what is causing your family member to have a laundry detergent rash, keep an eye out for certain things that you are using within the detergent. Typically, the ingredients that are causing people to have skin irritation are the dyes and perfumes. The first step is to stop using the detergent altogether and switch to a new one that is hypoallergenic which is usually a gentle formula like Free and Clear. 

With any laundry rash comes experimenting with a few various detergents until you find one that is the best for you and your family and does not cause your child the reaction that keeps occurring.

Remember, Always seek medical attention from your doctor or health professional as needed, since this post is just for tips only and I am not a medical professional.

Stay calm and work on the remedies stated above such as an oatmeal bath, clothes that have been washed and dried without dyes, perfumes (including dryer sheets) and a few extra cuddles to let them know it’ll be ok. 

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