It’s National Car Care Month at Sears Auto Center!

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I was compensated by Sears for this post but the the opinions stated are my own.

October is National Car Care month and on this visit to Sears we covered the importance of having good working struts and shocks. I always learn something new on my trips to Sears Auto Center and this one was no different. Shocks and struts do more than just give your vehicle a nice smooth ride. They're very important when you apply your brakes. Without good working struts and shocks you car could either tip forward or backward every time you stop.  They help keep your wheels straight on the road and prevent damage to other parts of your vehicle.


I was able to watch the crew change struts and shocks on a vehicle and saw first hand the damage that can be done to a car when they aren't  replaced in a timely manner. How often your struts and shocks should be replaced will depend on your car's make and model as well as your driving habits. It's always good to have them inspected at least once a year and it's FREE at Sears!

I also learned what to watch for that might indicate I need new shocks and/or struts:

  • poor steering response
  • excessive bounce after road impact
  • leaking fluids
  • excessive nose dive when breaking or sway when driving


If you're vehicle needs struts and/or shocks you're in luck. Right now at Sears when you buy 3 shocks or struts you'll get one FREE after mail-in rebate. You'll also get FREE installation on shocks and 30% off on struts! You can check out all the online auto deals of the month here.

Get your car winter ready now. Get you car inspected FREE at Sears today!

A special thanks to Robert, Chuck and the rest of the Sears Auto Center for being so informative and patiently answering all my questions!

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