CQ Public Service: Protect Wildlife – Cut Up Those Soda Holders!

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It's summertime and lot's of cold drinks will be consumed at home and outdoors. What you do with those plastic soda holders can mean life or death to animals and birds!

Please consider taking the time to cut up those plastic holders, especially the smaller holes as they can do the most damage.  Young animals and birds can get them trapped around their necks and as they grow the plastic can cut into their skin causing pain, infection and even death.  I personally have seen these plastic rings around the necks of ducks at the park.

These plastic holders get dumped in landfills from people's homes and animals or birds get them caught while searching for food. They blow out of trash bins at the lake, beach or park and onto the water where ducks can find them.  Take the time to cut up those holders and keep our wildlife safe!

We here at CQ are HUGE animal lovers and we hope you are too 🙂

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