Public Wholesale And Food Market: What You Need to Know

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Public Wholesale And Food Market: What You Need to Know

Public Wholesale Grocery

New to OKC: Public Wholesale and Food Market

If you've kept up on the news recently, you might have seen this new grocery store featured. There are several cool things about this store you need to know!  Check out all the details and plan your trip here.

In short, Public Wholesale is a warehouse grocery store that sells overstock from other grocers. You might find Great Value ice cream, fresh blueberries, or even organic meats.  Stock will vary depending upon what they have at that time. It's located at  3020 NW 16th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73107.

For this reason, you won't find a flyer or anything.  You will have to make a trip over and see for yourself (or go a few days after a friend and ask them what's on sale).  

Why Should You Check out Public Wholesale?

Public Wholesale groceries

Public Wholesale has a special points program that can save you some serious money, or allow you to take the opportunity to donate to the less fortunate! Here's how:

  • Every dollar spent = 1 point.
  • Spend your points on stuff in the special coolers in the back of the store (“Aisle One” merchandise)
  • To earn points, spend money in store and save your receipt.
  • Points don't have to be used at once but they have to be used within a month.
  • You can also ring up your free stuff separately from your regular groceries, and use the points at the same visit. 
  • If you don't need anything from the Aisle 1 freebie selection, you can hang on to your receipt and use on another visit- they will have different items in stock
  • If you prefer, donate your receipt to someone else! This is the great part about this points program- you can donate to a less fortunate person and they can walk in and shop for FREE groceries!

Public Wholesale Chicken

Free Stuff? Yes!

There are several things to know about the Aisle 1 items: some may be past their sell by dates, but are still allowed to be sold.  Some cartons may be dinged up or not looking their prettiest.  This is all part of why you will find them at the store.  Anyone remember “dented can” stores? Many small towns still have them!   

Public Wholesale and Food Market does not have a website that we could find at this time, but you can find out more on the Fox 25 news article here.

Today, a friend found Nature Valley bars and a few other things she needed, so she was glad to have her store point credit to purchase them.

Note: the pictures above are of their regular groceries, not Aisle 1 Freebies, but we wanted to share what we found! Right now the organic chicken (pictured) is half off wyb 6 packages, and Organic blueberries (small cartons) are 2/$1.00! These can be frozen, so are a huge savings over other stores right now!

Keep in mind, this post is for information only, and for the specific store policies please see Public Wholesale Food Market itself

.  When we have more information we can link or provide it here.

Consumer Queen is not affiliated with Public Wholesale in any way, but the team is excited to spread the word on this great new little store!

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