Mini Coupon Binders From Coupon Possible – Now 30% Off!

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Mini Coupon Possible Binders ….

mini coupon binders

Mini Coupon Possible Binders 30% Off!

We at Consumer Queen have been telling you for quite some time about the nifty Coupon Possible binders we've been using. Well, we were invited to teach a coupon class by the “Faith of Three” ladies who created the binders and it was a pleasure to meet them!

We love our mini coupon binders and here's some info on them and how you can score one for yourself now at 30% off!

If you're a couponer that doesn't feel the need to lug around a huge bulky binder but still want to be able to see all your coupons at a glance, then Coupon Possible has just the thing for you!

The Queen (aka Melissa) and I have received our new 8×10 inch binders and we both love them! They are sturdy, quality made and are VERY reasonably priced.

The binders come with 3 different layouts of coupon inserts:

They also come with a clear vinyl storage pouch, 5 tabs for organizing your coupons into categories and a notepad/pen. The coupon inserts are very heavy duty and are double sided.  The coupons don't slide out after being placed into the slots like the cheaper made inserts.

The price of the 1 inch binder (the size we recommend) is now only $15 and includes:

5 Tabs
Vinyl Storage Pouch
12 Coupon Inserts (4 of each style)

If you organize your coupons by food category I recommend you purchase 2 extra sets of 5 tabs (now just 70¢),an extra set of coupon inserts (now $3.50) and an extra storage pouch (now 90¢). That's just a little under $30.00 for a VERY durable coupon storage kit that will last a long time and help you save lots of money 😉

Shipping is around $5.95 for one binder kit and some extras.

  Visit the Coupon Possible facebook page for more info and to order.  You just send them a private message with what you want and they'll send you a PayPal invoice. If you don't have PayPal just send the a PM for other arrangements. 

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