Oklahoman Subscription Sun/Wed. 1 Full Year Only $40!

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oklahoman subscription

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Oklahoman Subscription 1 year $40 for Sunday and Wednesday. Works out to be 77¢ per week. This is Cheaper than going to the store and buying it!  If you want your coupons delivered directly to your door, rain or shine, this Oklahoman Subscription is such an awesome deal!

The cool part, everyone needs a job, even your local paper person, so you get your paper delivered right to your door and in turn you are helping out a local business and delivery person! It is full circle! Newspapers are such an awesome thing to have too! After you read the paper, cut the coupons, do the crosswords, there are so many more things that can happen! Click HERE to get your subscription!

Ways to use already read newspaper:

  • Compost
  • clean windows
  • line bird cage
  • use to wrap breakables
  • use as floor protection during painting
  • line flower bed bottoms
  • recycle
  • donate to a charity recycling bin at school or church

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  1. I have always wanted a subscription to the Oklahoman but everytime I paid for a subscription I never got any papers and later told there were no deliveries where I live, so how can I start getting this paper delivered…….I am afraid to pay first again because of being burned in the past tia

    1. Christina, call the daily Oklahoman first to make sure you can get it delivered. If they offer to mail it to you be aware that most of the time the coupon inserts won’t be in the mailed copies of the Sunday paper. If they say they can deliver then fill out the special deal 🙂

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