Racetrack Fun with Lionel Mega Tracks

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This post was sponsored by Lionel Mega Tracks; I have received the product for review, however all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

If you are thinking about purchasing a race track set or train set for Christmas, you may be a little overwhelmed at all the options. Lionel Mega Tracks is a great toy available now that combines the fun of an RC vehicle with the setup of a racetrack.  This is a review of the Lionel Mega Tracks Corkscrew Chaos, one of the full sets available.

The thing that sets apart the #LionelMegaTracks system is the track itself.  You can create your very own race courses for your car.  The track is flexible, so you can twist and make loops.  Your race car fits “through” the track so it will not fall off.  The taller edge part of the track is where your race car will travel.


I remember from my own childhood, my brothers would get a new race track for Christmas. They would set the entire track up but normally have issues with the race cars falling off the track repeatedly.  With the Lionel Mega Tracks system this isn't a problem.  Your vehicle will fly over the twists and turns!

I also think this is a great fit for our son, since he is interested in building and engineering in general.  There are base pieces that support and stabilize the track, and also clamps you can attach to furniture or other surfaces to support some pretty awesome loops.  There are base track ideas in the instructions and also online you can go off of, to get started. Based upon the fact that it requires some skill in building the tracks, I think the recommendation of 8+ years is right on.  It would have been too advanced for our son before age 7-8.


Other things we like about the Mega Tracks system is the fact you can purchase expansion packs (a good idea if this is a Christmas present and you wanted to get something extra to go along with it). The controller being remote control is also nice for a little more freedom… you do not have to sit right beside your track.  Finally, the track has an option you can clip your phone to the vehicle, to actually record your race from the standpoint of the vehicle.  We haven't tried this yet but it will probably be the best part! Our kids are completely into stunts right now and of course recording all the action is part of the fun!


We hope this review is helpful if you were thinking about purchasing the Lionel Mega Tracks Corkscrew Chaos system soon. I can recommend it as a quality set, and of course it's nice to know it comes from Lionel, a household name in trains and toys.

Thanks for Reading!

~ By Princess Rebekah, Consumer Queen Team~
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