Santa Was Here and Now You Have the Evidence to Prove it!

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Santa Was Here!

Head over to Capture the Magic and create a photo of Santa in your living room! All you do is take a picture of your Christmas tree and upload it. Then add a picture of Santa and voila! evidence that the big guy was in your house!

The kids will love it!  You can choose to upload the pic to your phone or laptop or download the app. If using a computer click on ‘Web Editor” and then the download icon at the top left of menu to put your picture on the screen Then follow the directions on the website to create your “evidence” 😉

The above picture was created by using a picture of Princess Rebekah's tree   – it was pretty easy.

Prices start at $1.99 to create and download 1 photo.  Get started by clicking here.

Have you seen this?

You can also score a FREE personalized video and phone call from Santa! Head over here for all the details.


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