Tidy Crafts Tray Funnel – 6 Inch X 8 Inch Just $5.25

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Tidy Crafts Funnel Tray 6 Inch x8 Inch Calling all Crafters! This is for you and anyone you love who does crafts! Finally an invention to save product, reduce clean up time, and help ensure a little sanity is left after a craft session! This Tidy Crafts Funnel Tray 6 Inch x8 Inch will do just that!  It is perfect for glitter queens! Simply do your glitter sprinkling directly on the tray then pour with the funnel back into the container. If you already have a work surface, no worries, use your intended surface, then scrape all remaining glitter onto the glitter tray funnel where it can then be funneled with ease back into the glitter container!  This is also great for beads, embossing powder, marbles, hook and eyes, clasps, basically anything small that needs to be stored again after the craft session has come to an end.  Your work station will be a work of art once an for all! No more dreaded, messy clean up! Simply pour the contents back into the original containers with little effort!  Picking up tiny items from your table and trying to pour from a box or rolled up paper is a thing of the past!  Order yours now, and pick one up for a friend!

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