What You Need to Sell LulaRoe

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As a new consultant it can be very stressful trying to figure out what all you need to get started on your new LulaRoe business. I have put together a list of items that I found helpful in helping me create a successful business and I hope it helps you too.

LulaRoe Online Popup

What You Need for a LulaRoe Online Show or Popup:

Lighting & Photography: One of the most important things for a live sale is good lighting. I has already purchased this set of photography lights for my recipe blog because my LulaRoom only has one tiny window and it's no where near my set up.There are also many light sets that come with a studio backdrop as well. You can also get these  wood backdrops to make your clothes stand out for album sales.

Something else that will help your photos stand out is a dress form. It's to see what something looks like on instead of just laying flat.

Hangers – Good Velvet hangers are a must so your clothes are not slipping and sliding off. I have been using these hangers in my own closet already because they are thin, don't take up to much space and they are inexpensive.

Plastic Tubs – It's important to keep your clothes neat and organized. However you choose to do it wether you hang them or store in plastic tubs. I recommend getting tubs that you can store your items ready to be shipped in. I put them in bins and mark them with the date of the show. I love this 64qt. (6) pack from Walmart but if you are an Amazon shopper try these. I just found these collapsible laundry baskets or this one that I am now using for the sold items. It's so nice to just fold them up and put them out of the way when I am done. It's a great space saver.

Clothing Rack – Most people mention the clothing racks on Amazon but I found the ones at Walmart cheaper and a lot more sturdier for the price. I like to have a few to hang some of my dresses on and if you plan on doing lots of popups you will want at least 4. If you plan on doing online sales you will need to figure out if you want racks or baskets. After doing both racks and baskets I decided racks worked best for me.

WinCo Coat Check Numbers – When you are doing a live sale it's important to stay organized. Using these coat check numbers you can assign each item of clothing a number. People will then be able to say “Sold 102” that numbers slips in the bag the item is in an set aside in your sold pile.

Large Ziplock Bags – These 9 x 13″ 3 Mil Industrial Poly Bags are perfect to slip your items into keep them clean when you ship. If you don't care and want to go the Amazon route , use these.

Garment Bags – These bags from IKEA are great for transporting your inventory back and forth to popups. You can hang your clothes and then store your items on the hangers in these large bags for easy hanging right out of the bag.

Electronics – I plan on using my iPhone or iPad on a tripod to do all of my online shows and my husband will be doing all of the backend work in Google docs and Audrey on my Mac.

There are a couple of different options for tripods. You can go for some small like this Flexible tripod or something larger which I use like this MeFoto tripod. Obviously these are more expensive but I am multi purpose kind of gal and because I do photography for my blog I wanted something that I could use for both. Take some time and research what works best for you. Click here to look for a variety of tripods to use.  They even have tripods with remotes.

You will also want an Extension Cord as well.

Shopping Bags – If you would like to have some pretty shopping bags at a great price check out these plastic shopping bags by PacStash. they lots of different sizes and colors to choose from.

LulaRoe Shipping

What You Need to Ship LulaRoe:

Poly Mailers – You may want to get a few poly mailers to use to ship out to your clients. I bought these cute yellow ones with flowers but can do solid colors too.

Free Priority Mailers – The Posts office will give you FREE Priority mailers to ship your items in.

Stamps.com Account – Stamps.com is a great way to pack and ship your items. It integrates with the DYMO LabelWriter 4XL and you can also get a FREE SCALE.

Use code: C-F2TY-NMB and receive:

  • FREE Postage Scale
  • $45 FREE postage
  • 4-week trial

DYMO LabelWriter 4XL Label Maker – This will help make shipping your LulaRoe so much easier and it will work with your stamps.com account. I know it's a little expensive but it will seriously pay for itself. It's a thermal printer that will allow you to print out peel and stick postage labels. Makes shipping a lot easier.

LulaRoe Extras:

Don't forget you may want to order business cards or promotional material to advertise your business.

I also like to giveaway little freebies to some of my best customers. Here are some items you might want to get:

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