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Hey guys, you may not know this but I sell Tupperware. I hadn't really promoted it much when I had my full time job because well, that took all my time. I am not a party person so I chose to sell via my online website only which I think is fantastic that Tupperware offers that. I am just not a pushy person when it comes to that type of thing. However you may see me post from time when I think they are having a good deal just like we would any other awesome online deal.  If you are interested in a work at home job, I'd love to have you on my team and there is information about joining below!

Work from Home:


  • Right now you can sign up  and get a kit for a $30 down payment on the $99 starter kit -($375 value in products & materials) you also get Free 30 day trial website
  • Then if you have  $900 in retail sales over your first 60 days, Tupperware pays your $69 balance – plus if you are selling anything in your first 13 weeks your accumulated sales totals add up for several free products and you can earn all the way up to a Free iPad or iPad mini  in that period of time. You also get a sampling discount when new products come out which is 35% off to 50% off for consultants.
  • If you are a blogger or just want to do online sales only like me you can get 25% off every sale through your Tupperware website! (This is more than any affiliate program) After your first 30 days there are 2 options: Basic for $7.95 a month and  the Gold for $15.95 a month.  If you choose Gold, Tupperware puts an ad on google and will direct customers to your site if they are in your area and doing keyword searches for Tupperware.  They can be changed at anytime and you can cancel at anytime. Also with $1200 retail in a month it boosts to 30% and with $3200 in a month boosts to 35% earnings. You will also get a monthly email that will tell you the specials at that time to promote.
  • You can also do a Tupperware Fundraiser for organizations! Organizations earn 40% profit.With no minimum.
  • Want to get a wholesale membership to get the consultant discount without doing parties? It's similar to buying a Sam's club card & getting discount all year long but you $375.00 in Tupperware for only $99. Pay just $30 down then in 60 days pay the remaining $69 balance 🙂
If you're interested in just hosting an online party let me know that too!




Duck Dynasty Tea glass


Did you miss our post on Facebook that Tupperware is now selling those Tupperware tea glasses (Uncle Si's Famous Cup)  as seen on Duck Dynasty? These would make a great gift for Christmas. ON SALE NOW for Only $13.00 for a set of 4 with seals! (click shop our product gallery and then click “on sale”) Si says his mom gave him a set of these tumblers when he was in Vietnam and has carried it with him ever since.  That just shows how durable these things are.


Here are some of my favorite items under the “On Sale” tab right now:

Tupperware Pitcher

Classic Sheer® Pitchers Set
Save $18.50—$39.50 value
Only $21.00









Tupperware Smart Prep System

SmartPrep™ System
Save $18.00—$39.00 value
Only $21.00








Hot Dog Keeper

Hot Dog Keeper
Save $9.00—$17.00 value
Only $8.00









Freezer Mates

Freezer Mates® 7-Pc. Super Set
Save $55.00—$110.00 value
Only $55.00









Hamburger Press

Hamburger Press and Keepers Set
Save $8.50—$30.50 value Sale ends July 12th!








>Square- A -Way

Square-A-Way® 8-Pc. Snack Set
Save $15.00—$36.00 value
Only $21.00








Tote-em Pails® Toy


Tote-em Pails® Toy
Save $12.00—$30.00 value
Only $18.00









Win 1 of 4 Tupperware Tea Tumblers as seen on Duck Dynasty!

4 lucky readers are going to win one of the Tupperware Tea Tumblers with seal as seen of Duck Dynasty via the widget below:

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  1. I like any Tupperware cups I can get. Mine are getting awfully worn out after yrs. of use, imagine Si’s!!

  2. I think my favorite would be the Rectangular Cake Taker. Convenient for cakes and cupcakes.

  3. I love all tupperware!!!! Lost it all when I had a fire last August so i’m trying to rebuild my collection!!!!

  4. I like the plastic tea cups that they use on Duck Boys show.I noticed right off that it was Tupperware. I like all of my Tupperware that I have bought through the years. And I have lots of it starting from the early 70’s.Thanks

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