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Slow Cooker Roast Beef Dinner for 4 + Leftovers for Another Meal – Only $14 at Aldi!

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Slow Cooker Roast Beef Dinner for 4 + Leftovers – $14 at Aldi!

Roast Beef Dinner from Aldi

Slow Cooker Roast Beef Dinner ONLY $14.00!

Here's your weekly menu idea using what you find at Aldi to make a meal for less!

This week we found all you need for a slower cooker roast and all the fixings for only $14. It will feed a family of 8 with leftovers or make TWO meals for a family of 4 🙂

You can use your oven, Crock-Pot or Instant Pot to make this hearty meal. Throw in your roast, potatoes, carrots, celery, brown gravy mix (optional) and cook until tender.  


  • Roast with potatoes, carrots & celery
  • Corn or creamed corn 
  • Dinner rolls 

Grocery List:

  • Butt Roast (2.83lb.) $7.05
  • Corn – 2 cans at 49¢ each
  • Potatoes – 5lb. bag $2.69
  • Carrots – 2lb. bag $1.39
  • Celery pack 95¢
  • 12-pk dinner rolls 95¢
  • Packet of brown gravy mix (optional) 

Total: $14.01 –  If your family doesn't care for carrots or celery you can swap them out for canned or frozen veggies and save even more! 

We're assuming you have all the condiments like salt, pepper, onions etc. already in your pantry. Let us know how you liked this meal and if you changed anything up 🙂

Next Up … Aldi Finds 8/5/20 Peaches, Grapes, Watermelon & More!

New to Aldi?

  1. Aldi does not accept coupons.
  2. You’ll need a quarter to get a shopping cart but you’ll get it back when the cart is returned.
  3. Be sure and bring recycle bags for your groceries.
  4. Aldi mainly carries their own brands but does have a few national brand items.
  5. Aldi produce prices are usually the best anywhere.
  6. I’ve tried many of the Aldi brand items and they are for the most part just as good or better than the national brand

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