Aldi Brand Cereal VS Name Brand – Here’s How it Stacks Up

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aldi brand cereal

Aldi Brand Cereal!

If you're not an Aldi shopper and have wondered if their store brands are just as good as the name brands, we're here to tell you they do! In most cases, they're cheaper and taste just as great.

One of the things we looked at was cereal. Kids eat a lot of it and it's expensive – over $5 a box at some places (for a box of cereal!).  Aldi has several varieties for under $2 and compared to their counterparts, you'll save about 50%.

For example, Honey Nut Cheerios Family Size is priced $3.49, while the Millville Honey Nut Crispy Oats are $1.39. Even though the Honey Nut Cheerios is larger and should be more expensive, look at the price per ounce! The Cheerios 22.7¢ per ounce but the Aldi brand cereal is only 11.4¢ per ounce. That's a 50% savings! If you took the weight of the Crispy Oats (12.5 oz. box) and multiplied it by the price per ounce of the Cheerios (22.7¢) you'd pay $2.78!

But how do the Crispy Oats taste – they taste like Honey Nut Cheerios! Several years ago I was invited to the Aldi test kitchen whereI participated in a  blind taste test of products. We were given samples of products (both Aldi and name brand) and asked to give our opinions. To my surprise, when they revealed which were from Aldi, I had actually preferred several of them to their name brand counterparts!

If you shop Aldi regularly, what items do you prefer over the more expensive brands?

I was in NO way compensated by Aldi for this post. I just wanted to share 🙂

New to Aldi?

  1. Aldi does not accept coupons.
  2. You’ll need a quarter to get a shopping cart but you’ll get it back when the cart is returned.
  3. Be sure and bring recycle bags for your groceries.
  4. Aldi mainly carries their own brands but does have a few national brand items.
  5. Aldi produce prices are usually the best anywhere.
  6. I’ve tried many of the Aldi brand items and they are for the most part just as good or better than the national brand.
  7. How does Aldi sell their products so cheap? Check out our post: The “Truths” About Aldi

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  1. I just bought Aldi brand cereal yesterday, for the first time. I haven’t eaten any yet, But I am glad to know that it is just as good as the name brands.

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