CVS: Awesome After Christmas DVD & Candy Deal!

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Current CVS Deals

Check your CVS and see if the “Original Christmas Classics” or “Dreamworks Holiday Collection” DVDs are included in the 75% off after Christmas clearance like they are at my store. If you find them, look for the FREE Hershey's Kisses coupon on the front and if you find it you've got a deal!!

Here's what I did:

Bought the “Original Christmas Classics” DVD $4.99 (reg. $19.99)
Bought Hershey's Holiday Kisses 8.5 -oz. $1.99 (reg. $3.99)
Used peelie coupon from front of dvd (-$1.99)
Final price: paid $4.99 for dvd and candy!

I saved $18.99! The peelie coupon is specific about what size Kisses you can get free and the Holiday Kisses were the only size that fit the coupon at my CVS. I found the dvds back with all the Christmas clearance.

All the Christmas items were 75% off at my CVS except for the edible stuff which was still at 50% off.

Check out our How To Shop CVS video.

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