CVS CarePass – Pay $5 BUT Earn $10 in Rewards Per Month!

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CVS CarePass  ….

cvs carepass

CVS CarePass – Pay $5 BUT Earn $10 in Rewards!

If you aren't a member of this awesome program, you need to sign up now! The cost is $5 per month BUT you'll receive a $10 reward you can use online or in-store every month you're a member – what a deal!

If you prefer, you can pay $48 up front for the whole year and save $12.00! You're first month is FREE no matter which you choose 🙂

Here's what you'll receive as a member:

  • Free 1-2 day delivery on qualifying prescriptions and most online CVS purchases.
  • 20% discount on eligible CVS Health Brand products in-store and online including over-the-counter medications, vitamins and supplements, as well as personal care items. The 20% will automatically added to your  CVS card and ready to use. 
  • Receive a monthly $10 CarePass promotional reward that can be used on many items in-store and online. The reward is automatically added to your ExtraCare card at the beginning of each monthly cycle and expires at the end of the monthly cycle.  Works like ExtraBucks – if used on items less than $10 you loose what's left. 

I know I'm signing up – that's like getting FREE money to spend at CVS every month. The $10 reward pays for the cost of the program with $5 left over to spend!

Note: it may take up to 24 hours for your $10 EB to added to your card and your CarePass account to be activated. You'll receive an email from CVS when it's complete. 

You can head head here to join or you can join at your local store.  

Thanks Kimberly R. for the heads up!

CVS Tip – Remember, if the shelves are empty when you get there ask for a raincheck. They never expire and you'll always get your ExtraBucks no matter how long it takes to get more in.

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Happy Shopping!

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  1. pay 5.00 and get 10.00 so why do they take 5.40 out of my checking acct and when can I expect the 10.00 to use what day of the month?

    1. Hi Monty, I’m not sure why they took out $5.40. They should take out $5 out of your checking account and add $10 in ExtraBucks to your CVS account both on the same day. The day they do that depends on the date you signed up. For example, I signed up on January 18th so every month on the 18th they take $5 out of my checking account and put $10 ExtraBucks in my CVS account. I have until the 18th of he following month to use it. They also send a message to the email you signed up with telling you they’ve added the $10 ExtraBucks to your account. You pay $5 a month but CVS gives you back $10 in EB. Hope this helps 🙂

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