CVS Quarterly ExtraBucks Rewards Start Printing Tomorrow!

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quarterly_exracare_bucks_cvs_with_shadowUnderstanding Extra Care Bucks (ECB) * Shopping CVS
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Just a reminder, quarterly EB on your CVS purchases will start printing tomorrow! Scan your CVS card or check your online account to see how much you've earned for shopping CVS.


Every three months, CVS rewards it's customers with a 2% rebate on all their purchases. CVS Quarterly ExtraBucks rewards start printing on April 1st, July 1st, October 1st, and January 1st.

You'll need a CVS ExtraCare card to qualify for CVS Quarterly ExtraBucks rewards so if you haven't signed up yet and registered your card online HERE, you can get one from FREE at any CVS store 🙂

Check out our How To Shop CVS video.

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